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Lauren Big

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Lauren Big
Lauren Big

During the summer months, dog owners have the tendency to be outside much more with their pooches. This is all well and good– until dogs start bolting down the street, disappearing from the yard, chasing kids or other dogs, and causing general mayhem. These problems often cause dog owners much stress. Every dog owner has at least one story of their dog getting into trouble, and sometimes danger, because of these stunts.

Fortunately, these behaviors are relatively easy to train for, assuming that you do it correctly. I decided to speak with a professional dog trainer about this very subject, and the following are the answers I was given. Mind you, it’s never an excellent idea to have your dog untethered where he could get away and even into danger. But this training makes it much easier to keep tabs on him/her and will make your dog much more easily managed. Here is the step-by-step formula, as told to me by Paula the Professional Dog Trainer.

Step one: Make a Boundary

Make a boundary that the dog can see– use flags, a painted line on the ground, etc. If you have woods or a curb handy, these will work as boundaries as well.

Step Two: Teach Your Dog the Meaning of the Boundary

Put a leash on the puppy and walk along a couple feet from the line. Then every time the puppy goes to cross the line, give the puppy a little tug and tell him “No” to get him to stay on my side of the line. Once you achieve success while walking them on the leash, put a long-line on them. (I would stay twenty or thirty feet back.) Then let him go out and do his thing. As soon as he starts to cross the line, give him another tug.

Step Three: Advance to “Hard”

When the dog was really good in those circumstances at staying there, then try doing things to entice the dog to cross the line. Roll a ball over the line, or have another dog or person stand or play beyond the line. Remember to give your dog a correction every time he begins to step over the line. Now, following the instructions above, work the boundary with your dog by walking it as often as you can. This technique is much more effective when coupled with the heel exercises you can watch in your dog training videos.

Branching Out

This technique will work for any amount of space, including large areas. It has been used with areas as big as two acres! When training for any boundary, the important thing is that you do it the same every time. Every time you take your dog out, you need to walk the boundary. Some dogs catch on to boundary training very quickly– some take a little bit more work. But all dogs are creatures of consistency. If you do it the same way all the time, they will learn what you want from them.

This exercise works best when coupled with “Heel” training. To watch two FREE dog training videos that will explain step-by-step how to train your dog to heel, go here: free dog videos.

Good Applications

One good way to use this technique would be to use the grass/curb in your front yard to form a boundary. You can use the leash techniques outlined above to train your dog not to cross the curb into the street. Another application for this technique is to warm up into exercise by working this method for about fifteen minutes before you exercise your dog. Working through a training exercise with your dog before allowing him to run around and play not only builds a positive attitude towards training, but will help you to better manage him by limiting his exercising room to the boundary you taught him.

A third way to use this method is to use it inside your house. If there is a room that you don’t want your dog to go into (or come out of), use this technique to boundary-train your dog.

Article written by Lauren Schwaar, an avid dog-owner and Lab training enthusiast. She maintains a helpful blog dedicated to providing Labrador Training tips, which is located at

To get access to two FREE exclusive dog training videos, go here now: Response Revolution, the revolutionary dog training system, is on its way so stay tuned! Follow ResponseRevolution on twitter for the countdown.

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