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Jeans Black

Posted on Thursday, January 27, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Jeans Black
Jeans Black

What color shirts match better on blue denim jeans than black jeans?

The question basically says it all, I was wondering which color shirts match better on blue denim jeans than jet black jeans? I’m looking for colors that would match with blue denim jeans BETTER than black jeans. Please be specific, like why, and try to include a bunch of people’s opinions, not just yours, although only yours is ok.

Nothing really springs to mind, although pastels, colors that are complemented by the shade of blue on the jeans, and brown are among the things that spring to mind.

Pastels can seem a little overpowered by black jeans, despite the fact that they seem to look better with finer dress pants; perhaps it has to do with the sheen a nice pair of wool slacks has, or the fact that most ‘black’ pants have a cast of one color or another.

Complementary colors, such as purple and red, as well as their pastel counterparts such as lavender would be better with blue jeans than black jeans. Bright colors can seem a little strong with black jeans, and the lighter color of blue jeans can match the color’s effect more properly in some cases. Additionally, colors that would look strange with black can be worn with blue jeans, such as natural colors, including the various tans and browns, as well as colors including moss and forest green.

Brown and black. Enough said. Granted that a light khaki or tan can look okay with black pants in some instances, it’s far more likely for brown and black to clash when such an unfortunate pairing is made.

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