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Jacket Retro

Posted on Sunday, December 27, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Jacket Retro
Jacket Retro

How can I become more androgynous?

I’m a 17 year old boy who’s interested in beign androgynous.I have long hair that’s almost reaching my shoulders. I already wear skinny jeans and slim fit t shirts, with retro leather jackets. I think the style works, but what else?

Eye liner & mascara can work wonders! So does very light almost clear lip gloss. If you want to look androgynous they tend to be an essential. Scarfs can help to & make sure your shirts are fitting but not tight. If it’s too tight it could show off your more masculine features, which you don’t really want if you want to look androgynous. Also, whether your hair is short or long try to give it either an androgynous or more feminine style. If you just wear it all one length straight down that’s actually pretty masculine looking. If you wear it tied up, wear it either higher up in the back or with some bangs hanging to the side. You could wear it down too, just try to make it wavy, not curly but wavy or if you like it straight wearing it in a more feminine part will make you look more androgynous overall. I’m gender-queer (bio. female) & I dress androgynous pretty much on a daily basis. The key to androgyny is to not look too much like either sex but using your own natural features to help get the effect of being “genderless”. Oh & confidence helps heaps! Hope some of my tips can help you out.

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