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Jacket Coat

Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Jacket Coat
Jacket Coat

How cold can it be before my great dane needs a jacket/coat?

I have a great dane and i want to know how low an outside temperature it can be before i need to put a jacket on him.

It does depend on how short the coat is, but larger dogs don’t really need coats unless they will be out in temperatures below 32 degrees Farenheit for more then a half hour. I have a lab who never wears a coat. He would never want one on anyway because he wouldn’t be able to run around as much (plus, he would shred it to bits sooner then let me put it on him). If you really want to put your dog in a coat, it will be best to put it on anytime it is below freezing (32 degrees), or anytime it is snowing.

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