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Hugo Boss

Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss

The reason why all people should give out a good smell and be pleasant is, due to the presence of a chemical called Pheromones in every one, which basically judges the smell of the opposite sex and helps us decide if the other person is attractive or not.

Research has also proven that women look beyond physical attractiveness when choosing a partner; they prefer someone who smells good too.

To make men attractive to women cologne was invented, that too in a town called Cologne in Germany. It was named so by some people from Italy, which creates some doubt as to who came up with the concept first.

Depending on the choices of the buyer, Cologne comes in various flavours. The key ingredients in it are citrus extracts, lavender oil and water.

The market has colognes in all price ranges, but the most popular ones are the branded, designer ones created under the labels of famous fashion houses like Armani, Hugo Boss and Varvatos.

These multitudes of cologne lines by all these famous brands make sure that there’s a scent for everyone, whether one prefers casual flavours or something out of the ordinary for those glamorous occasions. At times, cologne is also based on and is promoted by hunks from the movie industry. If one is looking for a sexy fragrance in his cologne, the ideal choice would be an Armani or a Hugo Boss.

Having said that, if a more traditional fragrance is what one wants, the best brand out there would be John Varvatos. These branded colognes come in unique and detailed bottle designs, and they cost anything from thirty to fifty dollars.

It has been widely known for a while now that one of the most popular fragrances among men is the label Armani. This result stems from women’s reaction to men using Armani, which has mostly been positive. One thing to remember is to use the blotch paper to judge the smell of cologne before buying it.

Maternity leggings and maternity pillows are made of materials designed for expecting women.

What should I wear for my Hugo Boss interview?

This is auch a great opportunity for me as a Fashion Student. Im currently aged 19 and i have an interview at HUgo Boss as a sales advisor.. what should i wear for my interview? Plus is it important that I wear the brand?

Certainly it would not go amiss to have at least a small nod to Hugo Boss.Perhaps a belt ?Nothing too obvious.Good luck with the interview,swot up on the brand ,be enthusiastic and self assured.

Hugo Boss Show Spring/Summer 2011

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