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Hoodie Size

Posted on Saturday, August 20, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Hoodie Size
Hoodie Size

How to shrink a t-shirt (size 2XL) and a hoodie (size XL) to a small or medium?

I won a contest and received a free size 2XL t-shirt and a size XL hoodie. Neither are pre-shrunk. I need to somehow shrink them down to a Medium or a Small. Is this possible? And how would I do this? Please help! Thanks!

1) Wash the T-shirt in very hot water.
2) Add baking soda to the water to preserve any writing or illustrations. 3) Don’t add baking soda if there are no illustrations or lettering.
4) Iron the shirt with a hot iron while they are extremely damp.
5) Push the iron from the outer edges of the garment toward the inside so that the garment is not inadvertently stretched as you iron.
6) Dry the shirt in a tumble dryer set to maximum heat. This is when the majority of the shrinking will take place. Leave the shirt in the dryer for a few minutes after the dryer.
If it is still too big put it in the dryer again at a very hot temperature.

Hope this helps. 🙂

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