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Hockey Sewn

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Hockey Sewn
Hockey Sewn

Like the real thing, shark stuffed animals are a little frightening. Okay. A lot frightening! But that’s what makes them so interesting and different from ever other soft toy on the market. A shark stuffed animal is for someone that doesn’t follow the mainstream, that likes a little adventure, and isn’t afraid of all those sharp ‘teeth.’

Diving to see the great white shark in its natural habitat is the thrill of a lifetime for those brave enough to go into the water with these formidable creatures. In South Africa, where many great whites can be found, cage diving is a fairly new adventure sport. It’s been said that diving to see the great white is much like going on a trek to see mountain gorillas in their wild environment – adventurous, exciting, and a once in a lifetime chance to get up close and ‘personal’ with what is nothing short of an amazing animal.

Dyer Island is known as the Great White Shark diving capital of the world. The water that stretches between Gansbaal – 100 miles from Cape Town – and Dyer Island is also referred to as “shark alley.” This is just one of a few places in South Africa where diving to see the great white can be done. In addition, about a half hour away from Gansbaal is Hermanus, which is a terrific spot to go whale watching.

Close to Cape Town is False Bay, which is another place to dive with great white sharks, however, basic scuba certification is required. In Mossel Bay, there is also a single white shark diving tour operator who offers cage diving. You should always book your diving adventure with a reputable operator and once done, you will be taken out to sea by boat where the crew will chum (lure the sharks to the boat by throwing bloody fish into the water) the water. Once sharks have arrived, it’s time to get into the diving cage and head down to see the great whites.

The shark cage that is used in such instances as to see great whites in the wild, was designed by Australian diver Rodney Fox. While spear fishing in Australia, Rodney ended up as shark bait and had to be sewn back together to survive. So as to avoid being attacked again, he began to study great white sharks and went on to design the first under water cage that could be safely used for observation. Diving cages are made from galvanized steel and are designed so as to be able to withstand the bite of the great white. At the same, time, while in the cage, the occupant is given an unprecedented view of the shark. While some dive operators do require knowing how to scuba dive, with a shark cage it’s really not necessary; snorkeling will do just as well when in the cage as there are tubes which run up to the boat [from the cage] giving the diver the ability to suck on them and breathe in fresh air. Cages are actually built to float and don’t sink to the bottom of the ocean; given great white sharks are surface feeders, having a cage that floats at the surface couldn’t be better for viewing them.

The best time of the year to dive and see great white sharks is from May to October. While it’s never a guarantee that sharks will show up at the boat you’re in, at 95 percent, the success rate is quite high. Weather on the ocean can be very unpredictable, especially in the winter months, so booking a shark tour that lasts several days is the best bet given it will allow for more than one opportunity to go out on the ocean if the weather is too unforgiving for diving on a particular day.

It goes without saying that if you’re going to purchase a shark stuffed toy, make sure it’s a great white that has its jaw wide open. With its gaping mouth showing a full set of ‘teeth,’ you get to experience just what it is that makes the shark stuffed toy so spectacular.

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I have hockey patches (shut-out, USA hockey, things like that) that I wish to put on a purse, I can sew them on and everything. But I need a purse first. Any ideas? Websites would be great. Thanks.

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