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Hip Hop

Posted on Monday, May 16, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Hip Hop
Hip Hop

Dereon Clothing comprising of urban hip hop style consist of the perfect range to bring out the sensuality and style in you.

A little about Dereon

Dereon clothing was started exclusively for women by celebrity singers Beyonce Knowles and Tina Knowles recently in 2006. This line the urban hip hop clothing is inspired by hip hop and urban culture. As with hip hop urban clothing this line is a perfect blend of street and ramp style. This brand of clothing has become famous for some of the excellent designs it has come up with, being started by divas themselves, one expects the best of trendy clothing from them!

What’s special about Dereon?

Dereon is one brand of urban hip clothing exclusively made for women that are feminine and stylish. Moreover the brand is not just about clothes, they provide the entire hip hop urban experience with accessories and the right attitude. All this under one roof is quite a revolution in urban hip hop styling.

Its Women all the way!

Dereon has increased the traffic to their shop just for the reason that they exclusively cater to women. This has opened up the doors for female followers of the hip hop urban culture. Now women no longer need to just look and drool, but rather be a part of the most happening fashion trend of the year.

These clothes provide the perfect fit for casual hanging out or a glamorous party. In fact these clothes are not just stylish but comfortable as well ensuring you are more than able to shake a leg! If you also happen to be a great Beyonce or Tina fan then these clothes help you step right into their raunchy shoes.

Range of Choice

Women can find a wide range of clothes to pick from at Dereon. The list starts at figure hugging tops, dashing jeans, hot jackets that scream fun and attitude, some sensual skirts and dresses too, fortunately the list just does not end! Great colors are available too; combination such as yellow and black can take your breath away. Foil printed hoods and colorful capris are just right to hit the street in style.

What about the funky accessories you must be wondering? Don’t worry Dereon has an absolute collection of great funky accessories to make you look absolutely hot. They even have a range of footwear that ranges from boots to pumps to carry you tall, with exciting prints such as leopard print, these footwear simply are exotic.

Well a woman looks complete in her attire only with that great handbag or clutch, at Dereon that is available to putting together the perfect ensemble. Dereon is the one stop shop for all things urban and hip hop right from clothing to all kinds of accessories and footwear, it sure will transform you into a diva that you can be!

So if you are experiencing the urban hip hop itch or just want to try something exciting and new, check out the Dereon range of clothing and accessories and you will find what you need!

Quick Recap
Dereon Clothing: A stunning range of women’s hip hop clothing!
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What else can seniors do during the homecoming hip hop at the pep rally?

Our school always does a pep rally for homecoming. At the pep rally they play silly little games and my class always wins because we’re the biggest (103). The highlights of the whole thing are the hip hop dances. This year I am teaching both dances (the seniors and the faculty) but my goal is to involve all of the seniors even the ones who don’t want to dance into at least one part of the hip hop. I need ideas besides just having them hold signs and then walking out with all of the dancers at the end. Please help!

omg get them to break dance get a good beat and i immagine you proly know how to lol but get the school faculty to do a belly roll and how do you say it oh yea tootsie roll lol and pop lock and drop em hahah

Hip hop dance competition

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