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Hiking Shoes

Posted on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Hiking Shoes
Hiking Shoes

Maybe you enjoy the comfort of wearing a pair of cotton tube socks especially when playing basketball. You liked it most because it feels very comfortable on the feet while wearing your rubber shoes. Now put them on and use a pair of hiking boots, try to hike even a short trail for an hour or equal to the time that you consume in playing a basketball game. Note your observations. You have just made your own hiking socks review but using a pair of cotton socks.

Usually the cotton socks that you use in other activities won’t work best on a hike, especially hiking extra long trails. Hiking requires the use of a good pair of socks that is especially designed for use in hiking. Good hiking socks must be comfortable, tough, and able to keep moisture away from your feet. There are several brands of hiking socks that claim to have these features and claiming to be the best socks for hiking and trekking. Trying these socks can be costly because of their prices that are higher than the casual or ordinary sports socks. So for you to save better check some hiking socks reviews from people that have used these products.

You might have read the hiking socks reviews that reviewed the Smartwool, Thorlos, Fox River, The North Face, Dahlgren, and Wigwam. These are the most common hiking socks that best work for short and long hiking and backpacking trips. Other socks that work better than these socks are designed for extra long trekking and longer expeditions. If you haven’t read those reviews just read on for the summary and excerpts of that review.

These hiking socks reviews came from the results of the field tests done by the crew of the According to their tests, the Smartwool claiming to have used only the Merino wools of the highest grade to achieve comfort had done their choice right. The Smartwool Light Hiker was proven to give extra comfort in using with the hiking boots and even casual shoes. According to them the Smartwool is comfortable to wear, well fitting, and doesn’t retain sweat at all. Another hiking sock reviewed is the Thorlos Light Hiking sock. The Thorlo was found to be the most durable socks among the socks that they have reviewed and tried. Its extra padding gives extra comfort and longer life of the socks. Because of its thickness the Thorlo advises the customers to bring their hiking boots when fitting with the Thorlo socks to have the right fit. The same crew also reviewed the Fox River Outdoor. This thinner hiking sock has a breathable material making it comfortable for use in hiking and casual shoes. The North Face Trekking Socks and the Dahlegren Hiking also gave the same positive results in offering comfort in hiking. The Wigwam was the only hiking sock reviewed that failed to give affirmative results. Though well fitting and comfortable at first use, the Wigwam tends to make your feet sweat and get wet.

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I need good hiking shoes/boots. I have no idea what boots are good?

I will be going hiking in a few months and I really have no idea what kind of hiking shoes to get. I will be hiking on trails with a pack on my back. I am a female. Any ideas of good quality shoes?

Thank you in advance.
Brands of shoes would be helpful.


Keen, redwing, danner, some columbia, asolo…these are all popular brands. I have a pair of keen hiking shoes gtx h2o proof. if you order them online read reviews if you go to a store go to rei, gander mountain..ect. ask the clerk. I also have a pair of danner hiking boots. make sure you get something at least mid calf so you dont get rocks or water in them. if your going on trails hiking shoes are fine. if your doing hilly mountain type stuff get boots. enjoy

Different Types of Hiking Shoes

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