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Hemp Surfer

Posted on Monday, May 24, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Hemp Surfer
Hemp Surfer

Carp fishing equipment is a specialized area. Below is a list of terms you will come across related to carp fishing.

Carp Tackle and Rig terms

Shock Leader: is used for long casts, it is very heavy line that won’t break under the extra force used for long casts.

Feeder: this attached to the leader and is used as a lure to attract carp to your hook bait. It is a cage that you put hemp or ground bait in to and this dissolves into the water and is used instead of a lead.

Bobbers: is a float that is long and thin almost pencil like. It gives an indication of a bit and also the direction of the fish when hooked.

Hair Rig: is a rig with a short length of line extending from the hook, bait is attached to this line with the hook fully exposed.

Running Rig: a rig which uses a sliding lead, so when the carp suck the bait in, they feel no resistance.

Sinker: a heavy lead weight to keep the rig at the bottom of the water.

Semi-fixed Rig: this allows the leader to come away from the line if there is a snag or the main line snaps.

Fixed: tackle that is fixed and does not come free if there is a break in the main line.

Stringer: a string of bait used to lure the carp to your hook that are attached close to the hook bait.

Carp Bait terms

Ground Bait: bait that is thrown in to the water so that carp are attracted to the area of your hook.

Hemp: Hemp seed that is used as ground bait.

Dough Bait: a term used for all types of soft bait using corn meal, flour, bread etc.

Boilie: a hard round bait made from dough bait that has been boiled and dried out, quite often home made.

Carp Fish terms

Mudders: the term is used for carp that are feeding at the bottom of the water.

Cloopers: is a term used for carp that are feeding on the surface of the water.

Barbels: are the two organs that protrude from the mouth area are rather like tentacles, these help the carp ‘smell’ their way around to test potential food.

Coarse Fish: this is applied to any freshwater fish that don’t belong to the salmon or trout families.

This is a list of basic carp fishing gear terms that you will come across, so now you’ll know what they mean.

P J A Allan is a keen carp angler and is keen to help beginners and experienced carp anglers. He has created a web site dedicated to carp fishing tackle, carp bait and carp fishing tips.

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