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Hematite Tiger

Posted on Saturday, July 30, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Hematite Tiger
Hematite Tiger

Things like Hematite, Tiger Iron etc, that have all these meaning and benefits do you believe they work?

Or have they worked for you? have you had something special happen from just wearing or carrying a stone or do you think its just bologna.

Theres stones/amulets/crystals that if you read up on them say itll relieve pain, protect you, ground you etc. Where do these meanings come from.

I’m not a skeptic i know this might sound stupid but i don’t want stupid responses, I’m interested in sincere responses.
You all have great answers, i can understand both views i shouda put that I’m not a skeptic nor believer – in between thats why i asked.

supposedly theres traces of hematite on mars tell me if I’m wrong and i don’t know if that means anything considering we don’t know everything about mars.

i do think it could have allot to do with it being in the head.

TY no more answers needed only stories if you have any.
we dont know everything about earth either i didn’t mean it like that. (just saying)

I’m not a skeptic

So you’re gullible then?

Any “effect” these items have is typically limited to that which the placebo effect can offer – it’s nothing to do with the stone, but everything to do with the perception of the stone … it could be a piece of dessicated feces that you believe will “heal” you and you’d get the same effect. The placebo effect is well known within medicine, but it’s not going to cure cancer, heart disease or anything that isn’t essentially to do with pain management – since the brain can be triggered to produce it’s own pain killers.

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