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Hat Band

Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Hat Band
Hat Band

What kind of cowboy hat to wear?

My brother is getting married in a western style tuxedo (black w/ silver-gray vest, white shirt, and bolo tie) and wants to know what would be the best looking type of hat to wear if he’s going to buy a cowboy hat to wear with it, if you know of a website he can check out or a have a pic of one that would look good please let me know , thanks!!

Should it be felt, straw, etc. and what type of hat band looks the best that comes with them.

he should go to a western store and pick one out there. try on different ones and pick out the one he likes the best.

RCC Western Store is a common one in malls at least there is one in the mall in my town

choosing a cowboy hat like choosing cowboy boots is a decision that should be made after finding what is out there and seeing what you think you should wear for that situation.

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