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Hardy Love

Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Hardy Love
Hardy Love

Don Ed Hardy was born in 1945 in Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California. Protégé to Norman Keith Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry Collins, Don studied the art of tattoo in Japan in 1973 with the Japanese classical tattoo master, Horihide. The incorporation of Japanese tattoo technique and aesthetic with American style work is one reason for the recognition of tattoo artist Ed Hardy. Along with his wife Hardy Apero Marks Publications was formed in 1982 resulting in the publication of more than 20 books featuring the work of the now famous artist and Sailor Jerry Collins. Hardy is now retired from tattooing but still oversees and mentors at his San Francisco studio, Tattoo City. Although retired from tattooing, he has not stopped creating his unique style of artwork in the form of printmaking, drawing, and painting.

In 2002 world renowned artist began placing his designs on clothing. Today you will find Ed Hardy tee shirts, handbags, pants, swimwear, and the one we love the most…..Ed Hardy shoes, all featuring the famous tattoo designs. Ed Hardy shoes are the first company to merge tattoo graphics with footwear. They began with sneakers but the demand for the tattoo look in footwear has grown so that you can now find flip flops, sandals, sexy dress shoes, and boots. It seems that the sky is the limit for these timeless designs on footwear and clothing.

Some popular designs you will find on his apparel and shoes are Love Kills Slowly, My True Love, Fierce Panther, Eternal Love, Snake and Rose, along with the famous tiger design. His apperal and footwear are keeping up with the accelerating fashion industry making his designs fresh and timeless. This seasons footwear includes a high heel peep toe boot, sexy satin high heel pumps, wood high heel clogs, and a suede high heel bootie covered in rhinestones. We would just like to thank Ed Hardy for keeping his footwear awesome and desirable to all, and most importantly affordable!

Should I get the Ed Hardy Perfume Love Kills Slowly?

I’m thinking about getting the Ed hardy Perfume love kills slowly an everyone tells me it the best perfume ever and I read the reviews on it from customers and stuff. I did smell it at the mall but I had a hard time choosing which one I want from the Lacoste touch of pink, Alien and Ed hardy perfume love kills slowly pink bottle.
I gonna get this perfume next week then! It does smells so good, i want it bad to. Its expensive but its 75 dollars

Yes! ed hardy is amazing. I want it soo bad.
But also Viva La Juicy Perfume is good too! Thats what I got instead.
Also, Mark Jacobs.. daisy I believe? thats next :]

Ed Hardy Love and Luck Cologne/Fragrance Review (2008)

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