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Hanky Cufflinks

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Hanky Cufflinks
Hanky Cufflinks

Friendships have their highs and lows. There are friendships that fade away with the years, or remain as strong as the very first day you have offered the next seat to a new classmate whose family just arrived in town. If your best friends are going to stand by you on your wedding day, talk the matter with your bride-to-be and give groomsmen gifts top priority in the shopping list.

Grade School Chums to Groomsmen

Your chums have now drifted to start their professional lives. What better way to regroup the old gang but on your own wedding? Of course, you have already singled out your best man. He’s the guy who offered you his hankie when you were down and cheered you up through the job-hunting episode of your life. He’s also the guy who introduced you to your bride-to-be, so reward him with the honor and the choicest of groomsmen gifts your money can buy.

As for the other members of the gang, show them how much you value their friendship by persistently reminding them that they should be there on D-Day. You should give them ample time to prepare for the wedding. They have to get approved leaves of absence from work and go hunting for tuxedos to rent. Just like you, they will be shopping for a wedding gift with the same diligence given to groomsmen gifts shopping.

The pleasure of seeing your old and dearest friends again on your special day is just another of those thrilling expectations. Map out the pre- and post wedding activities to make up for lost time and give your bride and your friends the chance get to know each other. If the guys are married, let them bring their wives along for a jollier and more meaningful reunion.

For Men Only

Upon their arrival, give them the space in the loft or in your old room where you used to hang around and ask mom to prepare a big meal for the boys, knowing their appetites and their predilection to your mom’s apple pies and thick ham sandwiches.

If the boys are new to their role as groomsmen, discuss the modus operandi with them and send them on their way to make things easier for you. When there’s a lull between preparations, have a couple of cold beers in the front lawn – and expect all those old jokes and memories to crop up.

Your bride will understand this because she too has her set of friends and she’ll be spending some time with them – discussing their gowns, make-up, and all the little things that girls can discuss for hours.

Just make sure you have the groomsmen gifts all ready. Anyway, you know your friends well enough to have made the selections ahead of time, and you want to spend more fun time with them before tie the knot.

Gift to Last and Friendships to Cherish

Here are some groomsmen gifts to choose for your best friends: Zippo lighters for the collector, Cross pen sets, sport pocket watches, designer cufflinks, and wristwatches. You are not having a platoon of groomsmen, so splurge on your groomsmen gifts. Add a special touch by having the gifts engraved with your gang password or a special message from you and your bride.

Give the groomsmen gifts during an intimate party just for your friends. It is just fitting to cap the big day with a private party for the guys you’ve missed a lot. They’ll take the cue and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Like you, they will all be looking towards the future. That’s how groomsmen gifts show how friends are valued.

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