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Handmade Tie

Posted on Monday, February 7, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Handmade Tie
Handmade Tie

Do you have a home business selling handmade jewelry? A jewelry home business is one of the tougher businesses to market because you don’t have a storefront to show off your jewelry designs. Fortunately, you still have one of the most effective tools around for selling handmade jewelry – the power of free publicity.

Free publicity isn’t hard to get if you have a new or novel product, but it can be difficult if your jewelry designs aren’t unusually trendy or brand new to the market. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find a unique angle to sell almost any product – even jewelry. Here are some ideas for getting people to talk about – and purchase – your jewelry designs.

Take Advantage of Current Happenings

One of the most effective ways to sell handmade jewelry using free publicity is to tie your jewelry designs in with an upcoming holiday. For example, write an article for the paper or a local publication on how to select jewelry to wear to a Christmas party. Of course, you’ll want to mention your the special holiday jewelry designs you design at the end.

Adapt Your Jewelry Designs to the Local Market

Design a special necklace or bracelet that has the school colors of a local high school or university – or create a bracelet with charms that represent different things that are unique to the area where you live. Design for specific niche markets such as local sports teams and design jewelry using charms depicting their sport. It’s not hard to get local publicity for these types of special jewelry designs.

Be Socially Conscious

Sponsor a jewelry show where you give a portion of your handmade jewelry profits to a local charity. This is almost sure to be worthy of publicity. Plus, the charity will promote the event also.

Become an Expert

Offer to write a column for your local paper on jewelry trends. This will establish you as an expert and create more interest in your jewelry designs.

Sell Handmade Jewelry By Giving it to a Local Celebrity

Give one of your designs to a local celebrity such as a popular,local newscaster. When she wears it, word will spread quickly about your jewelry home business and the beautiful designs you create.

Tell Your Story

Write about your struggles to start a successful jewelry home business. Everyone has a unique story to tell and newspapers love to publish stories about entrepreneurs who encountered challenges and hardships. Be sure to include photos of your jewelry.

The Bottom Line?

To sell handmade jewelry, find ways to tie your jewelry in to news and current events. Look for ways that your handmade jewelry designs are unique and use it to write an interesting story you can submit to local publications. Be persistent and soon your be selling handmade jewelry by the handfuls!

Kristie Leong M.D. specializes in helping handmade jewelry designers find new markets for their jewelry. She publishes a blog and has website full of information on jewelry marketing at Find out how to make your home jewelry business a success!

What is the easiest way to transfer photo’s onto a quilting square?

I want to incorperate people’s faces in a spring handmade quilt. Everyone at work has to make a 12 x 12 inch quilting block for the quilt. I want to put their faces in the middle of flowers. Also everyone has a piece of the same material they have to use in the block in some way to tie the whole quilt together.

There are two ways to do this. You can get photo transfer paper at most craft stores and office supply stores. You print the photo onto the paper, then iron it on to the fabric. Be sure to reverse the picture before printing if there is writing on it, otherwise it will be backward when you iron it on.

The second (and far better) way is to use fabric sheets that have been treated to go through an inkjet printer. They are available at many craft stores. You print directly on the fabric, so it is much more durable than the iron on version. Be sure to read the instructions before you buy the product – some need to be heat set, some are machine washable, etc. A similar alternative is to buy Bubble Jet Set and Bubble Jet Rinse – products that you can use to create your own printer fabric. Iron it on to a piece of freezer paper to help it go through the printer easier.

Making of a Fine Handmade Tie

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