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Grey Military

Posted on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Grey Military
Grey Military

If you’re from a government or military agency or you are a contractor to one of these agencies you may have been audited & as a requirement asked to store your classified documents, weapons or materials in a GSA Approved Security Container. GSA Containers can either be rated Class 5 or Class 6 depending on the level of security required.

Security Containers are typically large safes or cabinets & the most common ones have drawers & look like large filing cabinets. The difference between a normal filing cabinet & a security container is that they are built to better withstand covert, forced & surreptitious entry. Each container must have a GSA Approved Safe Lock that meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A & containers are made from thick reinforced steel.

The most common approved safe lock is the X-09; you will find this digital lock on most of the GSA Approved Safes available. A new S&G safe lock has also recently been approved & meets FF-L-2740A.

If you’re required to obtain a Class 5 safe rather than a Class 6 it is because your documents, weapons or materials require more secure storage. Class 5 Safes have protection for 30 man-minutes against covert entry and 10 man-minutes against forced entry, and 20 man-hours against surreptitious entry. Class 6 Containers do not have a forced entry requirement.

There are different types of Class 5 Safes. The most common are the Class 5 safes with either 2 or 4 drawers. These safes are purchased with one approved lock or multiple locks. Class 5 safes are generally available in grey, black or parchment. There are also general-purpose cabinets, weapons containers & IPS/ Comsec safes available that are class 5 rated.

If you need to purchase a GSA Approved Class 5 Security Container, always talk to an expert. They will ensure you get the right safe to meet your requirements. There are also new manufacturers entering the market who offer more competitively priced containers & offer better designed safes than some of the traditional manufacturers so it pays to shop around.

Fedsafes class 5 safes are backed with over 20 years experience with safes & GSA Containers & securing government, military & commercial organizations.

Charles Cullens is employed by Federal Lock and Safe at Fedsafes specializes in the sales and service of GSA Container and Class 5 Safes, all of our safes are outfitted with an X-09 lock.

To learn more about GSA Containers please visit us at:

what kind of shirt looks good with a gray blazer?

I have a gray cropped military style blazer (stops at my waist) and I was wondering what type and color shirt would look best with it? Dressy and casual.

a simply white t for casual with a long necklace or a light yellow color t. and i cant think of what the style is called at the moment but the white shirts with ruffles along the bottons in the front for dressy.


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