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Gray Suit

Posted on Friday, May 22, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Gray Suit
Gray Suit

People with light colored eyes always envy people with dark colored eyes. But it is difficult to make your eyes look dark if you don’t have dark eyes. Making lenses of dark shade is a big challenge for companies who manufacture lenses. We should always be careful while deciding the color of lenses which we are selecting for our eyes. It is for sure that that not all the colors suit dark eyes. But gray contact lenses have been preferred the most by dark eyed people. Since most of the people have dark eyes, it is most popular colored lenses in the market.

If you want to look different and want to be noticed by others, then enhancement lenses would not be the right option. The change when we use enhancement lenses is so light that it appears as if there is no change in our eyes. The tint in the eyes is almost invisible when used on dark eyes. Opaque lenses have a small dot in the center in order to see through the lenses. Opaque lenses get their color variation with the human eye color. We can keep few things in mind while buying a pair of lenses. Here are few guidelines:

If you have:

Fair Colored Skin: Green colored contact lenses give shade to your eyes. It would look the best during day and in neutral light. For this kind of complexion select blue or turquoise contact lens which are of lighter shade to make your eyes look good. If you like violet, then you can go for gray contact lenses which are far better than lavender color shade. But brown and gray eyeliner look better on fair skin. They look better than black. In case you prefer blue or turquoise, blue mascara would be perfect option to make your eye look more dramatic and pretty.

Medium Colored Skin: The best suited colored lenses for this complexion would be green violet or even blue. There are few more natural shades like gray contact lenses, taupe or brown which enhance the beauty of your eyes. A plum color or lavender eye shadow would suit you the most.

You should be very careful when you are using eye makeup as eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body.

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What shirt color goes with a gray suit?

I have a dark gray suit and a red tie. What color shirt should I choose?
Thanks for your answers.
I really appreciate your answers guys. Thanks a lot!

gray is a neutral, so really any color could look great.
i would say stick with the classics blue or white.

looks good here:

Heidi Jones 2010’02 Gray SnP Snug suit.3gp

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