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Goth Punk

Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Goth Punk
Goth Punk

Mary Jane shoes are a classic! Born in the 1920’s, this single buckled styled shoe has outlasted many shoe fads for decades. Ever wondered why this star managed to shine so bright until now? Many women can attest that Mary Janes is a symbol of simple elegance and grace. These shoes were designed to suit the wardrobe of young girls on its launching early this century. Typically, an original shoe of this style has low heels and rounded closed toes. It also has buckled strap that surrounds the inset or the ankle and is usually made out of black leather.

So why are these shoes named after Mary Jane? This name came from a comic strip character in the Buster Brown series, first published in 1902. Mary is the love interest of Buster Brown. In 1904, Richard Outcault, the maker of this comic character, sold licenses to 200 companies to use the Buster Brown characters to advertise their products. One of these companies, Brown Shoe Company hired actors to portray the Buster Brown characters to perform in theaters and stores. The shoes worn by the characters portraying Buster Brown and Mary Jane were named after Buster’s love interest.

In modern times, Mary Jane shoes are worn by both girls and women that come in a variety of style, color and material. Girls typically wear these as school shoes and in attending formal events. But as girls grew up they could not get enough of wearing their old time favorite. Soon enough, Mary Jane was styled according to shoe trends such as platforms, mules, stilettos and high heels to adapt to the lifestyle of modern women. If girls wear them in schools, women now wear them in offices or the corporate world. There are also styles in tuned for casual and formal wear. So definitely there is a Mary Jane shoe style for any occasion!

Aside from different styles, there are also different genres that have been associated with Mary Jane shoes. In the late 1990’s to early 2000, subcultures like punk rock, psycho billy and goth were known for wearing this shoe style. They wear it using knee high socks that are either dark colored or that has large horizontal stripes which are paired with plaid skirts to complete the adult school girl look.

In the new millennium, these shoes can be worn with a skirt or pants for an office attire or casual look. Surely it’s an easy breezy way to have that sophisticated look. Women in general look for a style icon to copy, and Mary Jane shoes are a must-have in order to fall in line with the likes of the classy and sassy Audrey Hepburn. Mary Janes shoes are also nice to combine with a pair of pants because it balances the look, giving it a feminine flair. Active girls have also found a new shoe buddy in Mary Janes because these single strapped shoes now come in sporty styles that flexes to perfection. They are comfortable as sneakers and provide needed support for long walks.

In summary, a pair of Mary Janes belongs in the closet of every girl and woman.

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What online stores or fashion items can I find corporate goth/punk clothing?

I have always dressed gothic/punk/metal when I am not working. I work at a corporate company that requires I dress up. I need some ideas where I can find the “corporate gothic” fashions. I typically wear pencil skirts now, but I do want my personality to shine through. Please no suggestions on googling or using a search engine under “corporate gothic attire” I already tried that. Any help would be appreciated.

If you want to go corporate goth, have you looked in to vintage fashion shops? That’s probably about as close as you’re going to get depending on exactly how goth you want to go.

I’ve seen quite a few English sites that have goth clothing but they’re probably not conservative enough for the corporate workplace.

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