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Golf Shoes

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Golf Shoes
Golf Shoes

If you are woman with broad feet, you will know all about the major inconvenience that can arise from any shoe shopping trip. For female golfers with wide feet, finding a comfortable pair of shoes for the golf course can be a nightmare. If you don’t know where to look that is…

In the past, women with wide feet had to visit a shoemaker and have a pair of shoes made especially for them. While this is still possible, it can be somewhat expensive. For the average woman, it’s much easier to order a special wide shoe online. If you are looking for wide shoes for women golfers, read on for some great tips on finding the perfect pair.

Some tips for selecting wide golf shoes:

– Have your measurements ready: This includes international conversions of shoe sizes and the width of your foot. You need a clear idea of what you are looking for and how much wider than a normal golf shoe you need.

– Look at established brands and see if they have ranges of wide shoes already: Before going to the expense of having particularly wide shoes made up for yourself, see if the wide designs of some of the major brands will do the trick. There are many great ranges of wide shoes for women; the Footjoy range, the Nike range and Callaway are all fantastic choices for quality models that are wider than regular sizes.

– Try men’s golf shoes: Not only are regular men’s sizes wider, but there are a number of even wider plus sizes that would fit almost any width foot. There are a few men’s styles that are virtually indistinguishable from the women’s, you might just need a more subtle color choice than you would like.

– If all else fails, it’s time to customize: If your feet are particularly broad, you might have better luck with a completely customized shoe that is made up to your exact specifications.

– Be prepared to spend a little more: There are some seriously fantastic golf shoes on the market for women, many of which cost a small fortune. Specially made wide golf shoes cost even more! It is possible to find great deals on wide shoes, with a bit of patience.

– Enjoy your golf shoes! If you have followed the above steps, you are probably the proud owner of a pair of golf shoes that fit perfectly.

Buying women’s golf shoes online:

Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible for female golfers to find just about any kind of shoe they need. From the most expensive, technologically advanced shoe, to the most complex customized creation, it’s all out there just waiting to be discovered.

You just need to browse a few sporting goods stores to see just how easy it is to find wide shoes for women. With so many brands offering wider and wider sizes, you really are spoilt for choice!

Don’t despair, the perfect pair of wide golf shoes does exist!

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Can someone use golf shoes as casual shoes?

Could I use golf shoes, like the NIKE SP8 TW shoes, without the spikes as casual shoes to go out somewhere?

Of course! But when you take the spikes off you run the risk of ruining the threads and not being able to put spikes back in them. If you ever intend on using them for golf again, you should replace the spikes with street caps, made by Champ. They are designed to fit into the spike threads, but have rubber tread to make your golf shoes look more like street shoes, and you can switch back to spikes whenever you hit the course, with no worries about ruining the threads!

Golf Basics : How to Buy Golf Shoes

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