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Gold Solid

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Gold Solid
Gold Solid

How much is my 14k solid gold mens bracelet worth?

I have a mens gold bracelet. Its 14k solid gold and says “Italy” on it. I weighed it and its 9 ounces. I hope i’m doing my math correctly but i put it at about 12.3 pennyweights and its values at around 540 dollars. Is this correct?

If it is solid 14K gold and is 9 ounces (?), you sir, have quite a bracelet there! Most jewelry is in grams as most jewelry is made for decorative purposes not towing cars. If you truly have 9 oz of 14k gold, it may be worth up to $7,210.95. It is more likely you have around 30 grams of gold (pennies weigh about 2.5 grams…12.3 pennies x 2.5 grams = 30.75 grams) worth about $565.28. Now is a great time to cash in on unwanted gold!!! See gold calculator link.

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