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Gold Plate

Posted on Saturday, April 9, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Gold Plate
Gold Plate

Gold plated chains have become quite popular in the last few years as gold has become more expensive and for most people it is not possible to afford a pure gold chain. They cost a fraction of real gold chains and they look just as beautiful and brilliant. However, they are not really disposable. Even though gold does not tarnish, over time its brilliance can be dulled by make up, lotion, dirt, dust and oil. However, this does not mean that you should dispose off the chain. 

Old Gold Chains can Still be Worked Upon

Even though old gold plated chains may have become dull, it is still possible to restore their lustre and beauty. With regular cleaning, it is possible to keep them looking new at all times. They may become dull even after wearing them for a few days become of the body oil, dust and dirt. Most jewellers today suggest that these chains should be regularly cleaned to keep them looking like new.

A Lot Depends on the Quality of the Chain

The quality of the gold used in the chain can also affect the time for which it will keep looking new. If the chain has a very think layer of gold, then it is possible for the gold wash to wear off quickly. Whether or not your gold plated chains will last for long will also depend a lot on the process that is used for gold plating. However, it is possible to take preventive steps to ensure that your chain looks as new as possible. In most cases, the gold plating does not tarnish, especially when it is 22k gold. However, once the surface has been rubbed off and if the structural metal is exposed, the chain can quickly tarnish. If the tarnish is removed there is a risk of removing the remaining gold plating from the chain.

The Right Way to Clean and Restore the Beauty of Plated Chains

Gold plated chains are very delicate and so it would be important to follow proper cleaning and maintenance program to retain its beauty. The right way to clean it is to wipe it gently with a damp cotton swab or cloth to remove any dust or dirt that might be on the surface. To restore the shine of the chain, rub it gently with a polishing cloth made especially for gold. Do not use any abrasive cloth for cleaning since it may remove the gold surface. It is extremely important to ensure that the jewellery does not get scratched.

Another way of restoring your chain’s beauty is to take it to a jeweller to get it replaced. For a long term solution, you can also go for a gold filled setting. Even though it can be expensive it can be a long term solution for you chain.

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Has anyone heard of Rogers cc stainless korea gold plate cutlery?

I have acquired some forks, knives and spoons that have Rogers cc stainless korea on the back. Although the cc may be co or ?. Can’t be sure. It has a detailed floral pattern on front. Gold plated. The only thing I found was on a website related to a goodwill bidding site with this exact pattern & description. No other sites found with this company. Any information is appreciated.

i think i have heard of that when i was little. that was in kansas or colorado, maybe missouri. might get some luck in Baxter Springs, Kansas…that is where the most millionaires live…it’s on Route 66; that is per population. also, micky mantle’s motel was in Joplin, Missouri, and that is associated with a lot of money…you might try there. (but, i keep thinking maybe Wichita or Derby, Kansas, is where i heard of it, and that was over 40 years ago.)

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