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Gold Iced

Posted on Thursday, April 1, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Gold Iced
Gold Iced

where can i catch a wild ditto and get an ice stone in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Im trying to mate my Jolteon with a Ditto so i can evolve an Evee into a Glacion but i need to know where to get a ditto and where to get an Ice stone in Heart Gold

I have had a similar problem with this. Only i was looking for a ditto for no apparent reason.
To find Ditto go to any one of the listed routes.
1: Route 34
2: Route 35
3: Route 47
I have the official guide book, so i am 99.99…% sure that this is right unless i’ve read it wrong.
If the ice stone is to evolve the evee into glaceon, than i’m afraid to say but i’ve never heard of it.
The only way to evolve evee into a Glaceon, is to trade it to D/P/P, and train near the Icy Rock.

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