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Genuine Leather

Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Genuine Leather
Genuine Leather

How do you remove nail scratches on a genuine leather couch?

A black, genuine leather couch that has some scratches because of my dogs. Any ways of getting them out?

The pigment on the leather has been scratched. Olive oil will not repair scratches and may make them unfixable.
Shoe polish will come off on your clothing so should not be used.

If the scratches are only surface scratches and the pigment has not been torn you can try Easy Colour which is easy to apply and will not come off on clothing. If the scratches are deeper you will need a pigment touch up mixed to match your leather and then this can be used to colour in and seal the damged areas. Adding oils will mean that the new pigments will not stick to the leather

Hope this helps

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