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Genuine Crocodile

Posted on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Genuine Crocodile
Genuine Crocodile

The first category is the person, male or female, I label as the Bellowing Bull. You know you are dealing with a bull when you hear language like the following: “You’re a complete idiot, a moron, a genuine incompetent. You must be a genetic mistake. You have been working on this project for weeks and it’s still not finished. I refuse to listen to any more excuses. You are . . . (yada, yada, yada).”

Bulls are so insensitive to others they may use insults like – in the words of Rodney Dangerfield – “You’re so ugly I’ll bet when you were born, the doctor slapped your mother.” The bull’s attitude, if not physical behavior, expresses attack. Aggressive, abusive, arbitrary, angry, argumentative and arrogant. Hostile, intimidating, overwhelming, confrontational and critical. They don’t just attack what you have done. They attack you.

What is their motivation for this type of behavior? Bellowing Bulls have a strong need to prove to themselves that their view of the world is always right. They have a strong sense of what others should do. They value aggressiveness and confidence and expect others to run from them – and devalue others when they do. By demeaning other people, they create a sense of self-importance and superiority.

So how should you cope?

* Stand up for yourself and say something without being aggressive. “Wait a minute, I’m not sure you heard what I meant.”

* Give them time to run down. Look directly at them and wait. Do not react (hard to do at first). When they lose momentum, jump in. Don’t worry about being polite, just jump in. Get into the conversation any way that you can.

* You may have to interrupt and cut them off. If you are cut off, say, “You interrupted me.” Say it again if you have to, and start talking.

* Get their attention. Call their name loudly. “Mr. Tyrant, Mr. Tyrant.” They have to recognize that you won’t respond like everyone else -by running or raging.

* If you are sitting, slowly, deliberately stand up or drop some papers.

* Get them to sit down. Most people are less aggressive when seated. Say, “Look, if we’re going to discuss this, we may as well be comfortable.”

* If the Bull doesn’t sit, remain standing yourself.

Express your point of view using eye contact. Use language that does not express a direct attack. You are simply expressing your views. “I guess I feel differently about …” or “My experience has shown …”

Avoid a head-on confrontation. Don’t try to argue. If you fight, you may lose. Bulls are good at fighting.

Be ready to be friendly. When they can’t overwhelm you, they may see you as worthy of respect and make friendly overtures.

Caution: If your supervisor or boss is a Bull, you could win the battle but lose the war.

P.S. Other categories of difficult people I will be discussing are the Sly, Sneaky Snake, Grenade Gorilla, Genuine Know-It-Owl, Bogus Know-It-Owl, Complaining Crocodile, Pleasant Puppy, Calamity Chicken Little, Uncommunicative Clam, and Compromising Chameleon.

B. J. Rakow, Ph.D.
Executive Coach for Fortune 500 companies and Author, “Much of What You Know about Job Search Just Ain’t So.” You may read the first chapter free at Barnes & Noble – For proven answers to common, tricky and behavioral interview questions, please visit

Why is crocodile belly skin section so expensive?

From what I understand this is the most fragile part of the crocodile? (true?)

Also, the tail, which there seems to be the one with the least total area portion seems to be the cheapest

What makes fragile belly skin so expensive?

I am looking into wallet and found them starting around 90 USD (genuine.)
Guys, I completely understand crocodile skin should be expensive, its just the fact that belly skin is much more expensive, thats my question.

Why is belly so expensive? While tail sections are much cheaper.

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