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Funny Black

Posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Funny Black
Funny Black

Gadget lovers are usually just seen as being technical. You might not think they are creatively or artistically-inclined enough to fully immerse themselves in the fun of dressing up for Halloween. There are, however, quite a few very interesting costumes for people who love gadgets. One such costume is a giant remote control. It is so funny to see a giant remote control walk in the room! A costume like this could be easily made out of cardboard and some black and silver paint.

Another costume that would be great for the gadget-obsessed would be an iPhone. With iPhones being so hot right now, your costume would be a hit! An iPhone costume could also easily be made out of cardboard and paint. If you’d rather not wear a box all night, you could wear a black sweatshirt with those well-known iPhone icons painted on it.

A funny costume that your gadget-loving self could dress up in is the oh-so-dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’! This one could be made with a cardboard box, too, or you could just wear a blue sweatshirt – either of which you will want to paint on the words, “Exception Fatal Error”. The computer geeks at the party might not want to sit next to you, for fear of your jinxing them, but, it will be a really funny costume!

A neat costume to put together would be an Xbox costume. Everyone recognizes that big, green X! You would just need to dress in all black, making sure to have long pants and long sleeves. Also wear a black hat and then you have a small black box around your torso with that lovely green X on it! The gamers in the room will recognize you right away!

If you’d rather take page from the 80’s, you could dress up as a Rubik’s Cube. For this costume, you will need a large cardboard box cut into three slices. You also cut a hole for your head in the top, hopefully the size of one colored square. And cut a hole in the bottom for your waist. Paint on all of the squares, connect the three sections of the box with some string, and you are now one of the most favorite toys of the 80’s!

The list could really go on and on, as there are many different things that you could dress up as, while still holding strong to your geek card! Technological people might not, at first, be thought of as creative, but, I think this short list of costumes tells us otherwise.

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Is racism funny? Why does a Black woman call Salma Hayek a Spicy Quesadilla on the movie Grown Ups?

I walked out the movie theater during the movie Grown Ups.

I don’t understand why is it acceptable to call a Mexican woman a Spicy Quesadilla.

If Salma Hayek had called the Black woman a Cajun Fried Chicken, the scene would’ve never made it to the theaters.

Why is racism towards Mexicans accepted, and used as a pun?

Thats how it is. Racism can be used towards whites and hispanics but not african americans. People can say whatever they want about us and its nothing but as soon as something is said about them, people go crazy and you’re a racist.

Funny Black Kid

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