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Fit Dress

Posted on Sunday, February 21, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Fit Dress
Fit Dress

Dress shirts are necessities in a modern man’s wardrobe, as they are one of the most common types of clothing men wear both for casual and formal attire. And you can wear them with or without the overcoat. In this case a perfectly fitted dress shirt is the way to go. It doesn’t necessarily have to be branded or expensive, though high quality fabric is highly preferred. But no matter what brand you’re wearing and regardless of how expensive the price tag is, nothing else would be relevant if the shirt is a wrong fit. Either if it’s too small or too big for your size, it will never look good on you.

To avoid this unnecessary mishap in dressing up, here are some helpful tips to remember when wearing and buying dress shirts:

First on the checklist is the collar. This flap of clothing around your neck deserves utmost attention, as it is also one of the most exposed parts of the dress shirt. And because it’s just under the face on normal eye level, it is impossible to go unnoticed.

What many men are not aware of is that, collars also have sizes proportional to the neck size. A perfect fitted collar should be just about half inch more than the neck size, no more and no less. You can simply find out your neck size by wearing a measuring tape around your neck, and add about half an inch. Better yet, try on the dress shirt first and button-close the collar. The general rule is that if you can slip in two fingers in the space between the neck and the collar, it means it’s a right fit. More than two fingers would mean the collar is too large. If you can only fit in one finger, it means it’s too tight. If you’re buying, make sure you know if the fabric will shrink after washing, so you can still adjust the size.

Collar spread varies in size too. Larger necks should wear wider collar spread, which is best for larger knots and vise versa. Many times, neck size is also proportional to body size. Thin men could naturally have thin necks, and should wear narrower collar spread and smaller knots.

As for the torso, you can choose among the standard cuts, depending on your preference. French or European cut is more “petite”, and is the excellent choice if you want emphasis on your body shape. American cut is big and loose, sort of baggy yet still comfortable.

The sleeves’ length is equally important. But as you have noticed, men have different arm lengths too. Typically, there’s more than one sleeve length proportional to a collar size. Here’s a good way to check if the sleeves are short. The end of your sleeves (standard or French cuffs) should reach your wrist as you hang your arms down. It’s generally considered short if more than half inch of the sleeve is pulled back when you swing your arms horizontally. The perfect fit cuffs should not let your hand slip through.

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How do I adjust my Dritz Twin Fit Dress Form to my measurements?

The instructions were not in the box with the dressform.

call the company or go to the store it came from .

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