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Figaro Link

Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Figaro Link
Figaro Link

Most people who wear silver jewelry own several sterling silver chains and wear them on a regular basis. They are attractive and affordable when compared to those made of other precious metals. They are very versatile – there are many styles and types, and they can be worn as bracelets, chokers, anklets and necklaces.

The most basic type is simple – a link – in – link chain, called a Cable. Many designs are variations of the cable. The curb is a flattened cable. The Figaro style is flat like a curb, but has three short links, then a long stretched out link. Anchor, Mariner and Gucci designs have a bar across the center of the link. Rolos are made in a similar way to cables, with wide circular close-fit links.

They can also be very complicated in design – for example, the Rope or Byzantine styles are very complex in structure. These chains are made with links, but are assembled into intricate patterns.

Complex designs made with ring shaped links are examples of chainmaille. There are two general types – flat and round.

Most European chainmaille patterns produce flat, wide fabric-like strips that can be widened further to make armor – the chainmaille garments worn by Knights in Medieval Europe. This ancient ring weaving technique is being used today to make gorgeous silver jewelry.

Round chainmaille is very popular today worn as jewelry. Examples of designs made this way are double rope, Queens chain, Jens Pind, foxtail and Byzantine chains. Most are handcrafted because machines cannot easily handle the complicated assembly steps needed to produce this type of design.

Most commercially available silver chain comes from Italy and is machine made. These are good quality and there are many styles available. They look very bright when they are new because after they are assembled they are plated with .999 fine silver, giving them a whiter appearance.

American manufacturers produce excellent quality jewelry chain, mostly in Rhode Island. It is produced in smaller quantities and is generally sold in better quality jewelry stores and department stores. Much of it is sold in bulk lengths to manufacturing jewelers who use it as a design component in silver jewelry — key rings, eyeglass holders, bookmarks, ID holders and more.

Modern production techniques and innovative design have made silver chains more stylish, popular and affordable than ever before. Wear one today – you’ll love it!

Robert Edwards is a jewelry designer and metalsmith in New York City with more than 30 years of experience in the jewelry trade. He is the webmaster of a very popular silver jewelry website that features many unique and handcrafted designs.

Can anyone freestyle rap or write a rap song to the tune of classical music?

I want to see if anyone in this world can come up with a rap but to the tune of classical music…

any tune by Mozart or Beethoven or Vivaldi
Those kind of guy’s music.

It can be a written rap or freestyle
But it has to be your own and not lyrics from an Eminem song and put with Marriage of Figaro!

If you think you can do it record a video of you rapping and the classical tune playing and upload it to the web and send me the link!

You won’t win anything…but you will win the prize of being able rap to an old tune!


KRS ONE did a classical music freestyle

Mozart, Marriage of Figaro, overture (bar-graph score)

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