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Fathers Day

Posted on Sunday, November 14, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Fathers Day
Fathers Day

Dad’s a great guy. Always willing to help you out and offer advice, even when you don’t ask for it! And once a year, you get a day to really show your appreciation for all that he does: Father’s Day. Finding the perfect present to fit your dad isn’t always easy. Luckily, if your dad has one of the below pastimes, than there are some great ideas to help you find the best gift!

1. For the Fisherman Dad

How many dad’s love to fish? If your father is the guy who wakes up at the crack of dawn and spends hours with a rod and lure in hand, then you’ve got a Fisherman dad! And whether or not he comes home with actual fish, or just stories of the one that got away, fishing paraphernalia is the way to this man’s heart! There are tons of gadgets out there that can help him find the best place to fish, and fish sonar’s come in many forms. Many swear that they can locate fish banks in a 50 mile radius and come with their own built in GPS. Some even have back lights for those crack of dawn outings he likes so much. He’ll certainly appreciate a gift that will make him feel like a master fisherman!

2. For the All Day Coffee Lover Dad

If you’ve got a dad who always seems to have java in hand, then you’ll know that those daily trips to the coffee shop tend to come with an unhealthy snack of doughnuts. But dad can cut out the temptation if he has the technology to make his own home brew. Get him a real espresso machine. This way he’ll get all his favorite coffees, but be able to save money and lower his cholesterol without the temptation of coffee shop pastries!

3. For the “Business Trip” Dad

If you’ve got a dad who’s always away for work, why not consider a stuffed animal? They aren’t just for kids anymore! Even if a teddy bear isn’t his thing, you could get him a tiger, a stuffed dog, or maybe another plush toy that mimics his favorite animal or pet. This is an especially good gift if you have a little one, because then they can provide company for him while he’s away. In fact, why not get a small tiger or small plush dog for your son and daughter to match the one that daddy has? This way they will always be connected, and daddy will know he’s being thought of while far away on business trips.

4. For the Golfer Dad

Golf is more popular than ever, and for many dad’s, it’s their favorite past time! If you’ve got one of those, why not get him something related to his favorite summer sport? For example, a monogrammed golf ball set can be a wonderful, and personalized, surprise. He may not be the best golfer, but at least he’ll never be embarrassed by his equipment!

5. For the BBQ Master Dad

Father’s Day falls on the first day of summer, and for many dads this season is all about barbecuing! If you’ve got a dad who considers himself the master of the grill, then here’s the perfect gift: a personalized apron and barbecue tool set. Give him the best equipment to go with his masterful culinary skills!

So there you go, if your dad spends his extra time doing one of these five things, then you’ve got the perfect gift! You’ll make dad one happy camper by finding him a gift that he can really use and enjoy. Whether sentimental or practical, these gifts will make sure dad has the right tools for the job, and he’ll remember what great children he has every time he sees his present!

Find that special stuffed animal for the dad always away on business at Lots of amazing dog plush animals, stuffed tigers and cheap plush animals from all habitats are waiting to make dad’s day one to remember.

How many women are buying a fathers day present for there hubby?

are any of you ladies out there that are currently pregnant buying a fathers day present from your unborn child to his/her daddy? I don’t know if this sounds cheesy or like a good idea? My husband has been working his buns off to get the nursery ready.

I bought one for my husband when I was pregnant the first time! He deserved it having to put up with pregnant me! Congrats!

Father’s Day Gift Advice

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