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Faded Glory

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Faded Glory
Faded Glory

It’s not all that often that I get truly excited about a particular style in fashion, but I most definitely am when it comes to Harley Faded Glory boots.  These boots have one of the hottest looks – and are completely appropriate and “in style” these days with a rather rugged look – they have a real flair about them!

If you are a lady (or know of one) who loves the look of “belts, buckles and studs” the Faded Glory boots will be right up your alley.  They are an ankle-height boot with lacing, silver accents and a buckled belt across the top of the laces.  And – as you might expect (if you are at all familiar with the Harley Boot style) a silver metal Harley Davidson logo on the outside ankle area of the boot.

A note for ladies who ride:  These boots are apparently not the best for riding, unless you (or someone you know) is willing to make a few adjustments to the shifter area of the bike.  The height of the boots in the toe area and just above on the foot is a bit too high to make them very practical for driving a motorcycle.  But if you are willing to have these adjustments – or if you just want to purchase them for their looks and comfort, then they are an excellent choice.

Comments from women who wear them – The reviews for the Harley Faded Glory Boots are overwhelmingly positive, the highlights being not only their looks and comfort, but their lasting quality.  These boots are known to last for years and years and look great throughout. 

When looking for an extremely stylish low-cut boot with a bit of an edge, Harley Faded Glory boots are an excellent choice!

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does the brand faded glory sold at walmart run big in the sizes ?

beacuse i am normally a size 16 in the girls section ( i am 14 , 5’4″ , weigh 117) and when i brough a size 16 in jeans off their website and tried it on and it was too big . so do they run big in the sizes or do they have normal sizing ?

Sizes are never consistent between brands. Best way to buy clothing, jeans especially, is to go to the store and try them on before you buy.

Faded Glory

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