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Posted on Sunday, May 16, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Era Fitted
Era Fitted

How to stretch my new era fitted hat out?

I bought a new era hat that is too small for me but i cannot return it so i was wondering how i could stretch it out a little.
Right now when i wear it, it sits up high on the top of my head and doesnt really fit the shape of my head.

Any thoughts?

I’m guessing you’d just like to jump up to the next size. There are a couple of solutions on the net, one of the most popular being the stretching the cap over your knee technique:

“sit down.
put the hat on your knee, bill facing away from you.
grab the back of your cap and tug it kinda hard, you’ll hear popping sounds
it’ll now be a little bigger… ”

check out the youtube video here:

The combination of wearing it alot and using the knee technique a bunch of times eventually worked for me though I heard no popping sound. There are other possible methods such as wrapping it around a mini basketball and letting it sit by a heater so it will expand. As one person who successfully stretched their cap by this heating method stated, “Basic physics: heat expands materials.” Check out the source links below and also do a google search for more ideas if you haven’t yet. Just remember, 59/50s are made of wool and Cool Base caps are made of polyester so some of these methods people suggest may or may not work depending on which one you have. Good luck!

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