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Energie Men

Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Energie Men
Energie Men

As a brand Energie has one of the most interesting establishment stories in the business. The label Energie was first used by the founder of the brand almost thirty years ago when Wicky Hassan opened a clothing store in 1983. All he wanted to do when he opened the tiny clothing store in the Italian capital of Rome was to stock trendy and cool clothing that was very hard to find for other fashion victims.

He came up with the name Energie for the store because it was more than a place to sell funky clothes. Wicky Hassan quickly turned the clothing store into a place where artists and exhibition designers would meet and hang out and trade creative energy. The store soon became a hub for exhibitions and many famous artists started creating special store front windows that made the Energie store a landmark of sorts in the city.

The next part of the Energie story happened when Wicky Hassan met designer Renato Rossi in 1989 and they both decided that they had to do more with the Energie brand now that it was so famous. Wicky was done with just selling clothes from other people’s brands and wanted to create his own clothing line.

So in 1989 the pair of designers formed a partnership in the form of a clothing company called Sixty Company and they also came up with their first line of clothing under the Energie brand name. Today the Energie clothing label is twenty years old and is sold at an amazing seven thousand odd stores in over a hundred countries around the world. Clothing from the Energie label is whimsical and wacky and still stylish in a way that only a pair of Italian designers could ever achieve.

Clothing from the Energie labels is all based on a word that they have created that embodies their vision ‘StyleClash’. This word means a mix of denim and fashion in a way that is unique, fashionable, innovative and urban and defines the brand in a way that no other competitor on the market today can emulate. The Energie label has more than a few distinct lines that all embody this spirit while taking different paths to the same end.

Denim is a line of jeans wear from Energie clothing that features great attention to detail and one of a kind styles. The jeans are available in a variety of styles like the regular fit Ciro, the low waisted skinny fit League, the slim fit Virgo and other styles like Scorpio and Aries. Energie also carries a line of tee shirts that feature prints of fans screaming and concerts with shredding guitarists doing their thing, this line is called Blastin’ World. A wild west inspired line that features vintage styled denim and leather that has been aged and worn for best effect is called Wild Bandit. Energie has many lines of clothing and they are all unique.

Find out more about Energie clothing and check out all the lines at

I have a question about stores in the USA and Canada?

In Canada here where I live there is this store called Underground pretty much a store that sells clothes like,True religion William rast, Diesel, G star Raw, Bench Energie 7 for all man kind ETC I was wondering are there any stores in the USA that have those kinds of stores with most of the brands there? Im heading down to the US in a couple of weeks?

Every mall here in the US has stores that sell these overpriced brands. Because all the brands you named are US brands.

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