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Dunk Pro

Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Dunk Pro
Dunk Pro

Do you ever wonder exactly what Kobe Bryant dunk workout looks like? When I say Allen Iverson- “dunk” do you imagine him flying through the air and think “I would love to do that”? NBA pro’s have the very best coaches to help them design the perfect workout routines that allows them to get the air required for mad dunks.

The Best part is that the 3 most important elements of every single NBA star’s jump workout, from Michael Jordan to LeBron James, is very, very simple. So simple in fact that you can start to day and once you know the workout secrets… well that’s the beginning in how to learn to dunk!

1) Use the stairs. This is a really simple way to make you jump a lot higher over time. Run up the stairs and walk gentle down once you get to the top. Next run up the stairs, but make sure that you miss every other step so you are going up two at a time. Walk back down the stairs, and next do a double footed jump and hop up the stairs before walking back down. After this hop up the stairs on your right foot, then on your left. This is a great, easy to do exercises that will strengthen your calf muscles which will increase your ability to jump higher.

2) Start doing sprints. How to learn to dunk? Start with sprints! They will increase the explosive power of your jump as you do them more and more, and they will also give you practice of the short, quick run you will need before you slam dunk. Doing sprints is much more helpful than going for long runs. Look to do sprints of about 100 yards and make sure you do 5 in a session.

3) Deep Knee bends. There are two types you want to do. Also with deep knee bends it’s important you do them correctly or you could blow out your knees!

To find out more about this element if you want to know how to learn to dunk click here where you can find out how to double your vertical leap… without injuring yourself in the process courtesy of

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