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Dress Casual

Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Dress Casual
Dress Casual

What do you mean by signing bonds and business casual dress codes?

Are strategies such as signing bonds and business casual dress codes standard for new Information technology(IT) workers?

Business casual is one of those terms that often means in practice one of three things:

1. you look at what the boss wears and wear just a tad more formal

2. wear what boss wears

3. wear what boss says

The original meaning of the phrase was that one was permitted to wear slightly less formal wear to the office, particularly for men it meant they didn’t have to wear coat and tie, and for women they could wear dressy slacks or casual dresses not formal business suits. If I were starting a job that was listed as business casual today as a man, I’d assume khaki pants and golf shirts ok, tshirts and jeans not ok. For a lady, slacks or even nice khaki pants and golf shirts or nice blouses ok, jeans and denim not ok. I would never wear flip flops, shorts, t-shirt, or jeans unless specifically told it was ok by boss having dressed a little nicer for a while and seen everyone else does indeed wear same.

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