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Doc Martens

Posted on Saturday, May 14, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Doc Martens
Doc Martens

Are Doc Martens really hard to break in?

I’ve read lots of stuff on here about how hard Doc Martens are to break in and how people got blisters from wearing them the first few times. I was just wondering if everyone had these problems with new Docs or if it just effected one in a few people. I understand that it’s leather, and they’re boots but is there a lot more pain than normal when breaking Doc Martens in and does this happen with every pair?

Well, it depends from the Dr Martens you buy; the chinese-thailand ones (which are the ones you buy now, on the online DMs website) are very stiff and uncomfortable the first times, especially patent ones. If you want a soft leather pair, you should buy or the “Pascal” edition or get a “Made in England” pair, maybe already broken-in, fom Ebay (or a thrift store), which are both less expensive than the original Dms website.
Tips of how break them in: wear a little everyday, buy a good polish to soft them very often, and STRECH the leather strongly with your hands whenever you can (whatching tv,etc.)-it will create creases in leather, wear them with a pair of nylon thights and an extra pair of thick socks.

Dr Martens Story

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