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Diamond Wedding

Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Diamond Wedding
Diamond Wedding

Many of the world’s cultures use rings as symbols of love and commitment in the sacrament of matrimony. But through the years, the style and preferences for wedding rings have indeed changed. Wedding rings are now more varied because of the availability of different styles and ring metals. The regeneration of wedding bands has already passed the transformation of its materials and shapes. Take a glimpse at some of the popular trends for wedding rings this 2011.

For this year, diamond still remains as ‘couple favorite’. Platinum will serve as the most popular diamond bender for 2011. Diamond ornaments in small and large rings will be a bride and groom favorite this year. If you want to add a soft impression to the groom’s platinum diamond ring, try a pattern of straight lines and then form a triangle with a decoration around it.

The year 2011 is also considered as the ‘platinum year’ for rings. Platinum is something that outshines and outlasts all the other white metals in the industry these days. For the groom’s platinum diamond rings, favorite patterns are straight lines and triangles. The current Platinum trend will showcase women adorning their precious hands with elegant and think wedding bands with diamond clusters. Some of the past year’s particular favorites will still go mainstream such as those rings covered in a band of diamonds and rings encrusted with small and big diamonds in a single cushion.

This year will also be about the judicious use of color. Sapphire and diamonds are like ‘match made in heaven’. Adding a couple of sapphire ornaments to a diamond wedding ring is an awesome way for you to add color and fun to your wedding band.

Another emerging trend this year will be the birth of patterned wedding bands. From the bold engraved lines to sophisticated Celtic patterns, patterned weddings rings are ideal for couples who want to add some interest to their rings without the price of gemstones like diamond and etc.

The combination of colored metals is something expected this year, such as white gold and gold for an attractive finish and ring design. Weaving wedding rings will also hit the top list because of its simple yet interesting designs will still remain as one of the top choices this year.

Plain wedding rings focus on the metal itself rather than on the stone or pattern, allowing people to truly appreciate its simplicity. Moreover, these rings can be changed and molded according to your preferences for a more personalized style.

I need price list for diamond wedding band set?I am trying to find companies who diamond cut wedding rings ?

I need price list for diamond wedding band set?I am trying to find companies who diamond cut wedding rings ?

Start at Walmart prices and go up into the millions of dollars. There is no such thing as a price list for diamond wedding rings so no reason to waste your time looking.

Making a Platinum and Diamond wedding and engagement ring set – Part 1 – By Mobeus Jewellers

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