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Diamond Mens

Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Diamond Mens
Diamond Mens

Traditionally, it is the woman who, upon being asked for her hand in marriage, is presented with a diamond engagement ring. A mens diamond ring, in those days of yore, was unheard of. But in this day and age of gender equality and the acceptance of a fashionable man, there is no reason that a gentleman who is due to be wed should not display his love for his fiancée on his finger. There will be some who will argue with the idea of a man’s engagement ring, and here are the most common arguments (and how to brush them off):

“It’s too flashy for a man.” Many people will argue that a manly man would never wear a diamond, as it is simply too flashy. The funny thing is, people have it all wrong. In the animal kingdom, it is the female that is simpler in visual interest, while the males fight for her attention with wild colors and big plumage. A man who dares to wear a tasteful diamond ring is one who knows how to put himself together – it might not be as big and obvious as a peacock, but his fashion sense will drive the ladies wild. Too flashy? Maybe it would be, for a less confidant man.

“It demeans the woman’s ring.” Another argument is that the rock on her finger should be the only diamond, and that a man who insists on wearing a stone of his own is competing for attention with his bride-to-be. Engagement rings are her territory, not his. Ahh, but what a sexist attitude to have! A modern man would never try to take the spotlight away from his fiancée or her stunning ring, and she knows it. She wants him to have a diamond of his own because she is secure in knowing that her value as a woman isn’t tied to the rock on her finger. It is a symbol of their love, not a measuring stick of his value as a man to her.

“It’s not tradition.” This is the laziest argument of the bunch, falling back to the idea that everything involved in a wedding should be as it always was. Well, that simply won’t hold water as an argument. There are plenty of “traditional” aspects to the wedding ceremony that are no longer observed because they were judged to be antiquated and out of touch with modern times. A dowry is traditional too – does anyone expect that anymore?

There are plenty more arguments against a mens diamond ring for an engagement – but the only thing that matters is that it means something to the engaged couple. Everyone else should respect their decision, or simply remain silent.

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Can a diamond break when in a ring?

I have a ring in a 24k platinum setting (mens) and it contains eight diamonds about 1/5 ct in size. One of them contains a chiped top, where I may have struck it against a metal door as I was walking past. Yes I do not baby my rings, i prefer to wear them through thick and thin.

I was just worried that maybe the diamonds were not real, although i own a laser diamond measurer, and it said it was, and it came from a trusted seller of jewelry. I just have never seen this happen before.

the top 25% is missing a paper thin part of it. Please help, i know practically nothing about diamonds.

Yes, diamonds can chip very easily, especially under constant rough wear. Yes, diamonds are the hardest substance out there, but they are also very fragile. yes, hard and fragile are not necessarly opposites. Ask a reliable jeweler to explain how that works – it would take too much space here.
And while you’re at it, ask whoever you got the ring from what 24k platinum is? I’ve sold fine diamnds and jewelry for years, and there is no such thing as 24k platinum. Only gold is rated in karats….

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