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Designer Jeans

Posted on Sunday, February 13, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Designer Jeans
Designer Jeans

Many curvy girls are quick to issue an emphatic “No!” to the question of whether designer jeans better fit voluptuous figures. There are two common mistakes that are made by women when shopping for jeans. The first mistake is to get starry-eyed by glossy photoshopped pictures of their favorite celebrities in designer jeans. Before you head out to your local department store and try on dozens of expensive jeans, ask yourself a few questions:

Do those to-die-for jeans match my body type?

Put down the People magazine for just one moment. While we can certainly agree that our favorite celebrities are usually impeccably styled and admire their passion for great fashion on and off of the Red Carpet, you need to take a realistic inventory of whether their choice in fashion suits you. Does your body resemble the classic hourglass figure or are you pear-shaped (bottom-heavy)? If so, then those J Brand Jeans you’ve been eying that look great on a gaunt celebrity may not have enough give-and-pull that you need around the hips and thighs.

Does wearing expensive designer jeans equal better fit?

Of course, the huge PR and marketing machines that support the billion dollar fashion industry will tell you an unequivocal “Yes!” But that’s because they want to make themselves $200+ dollars richer for each pair of jeans sold. Don’t fall for the hype. Let’s be real… Much like the rest of the designer fashion industry, these jeans are not created for the average girl in mind. They’re not even created to fit a wide range of body types. Because of this, several smaller brands have infiltrated into the marketplace that cater specifically to the needs of curvy women – and they are reaping the rewards to the tune of amazing sales and product loyalty.

One brand of jeans designed for curvy women is PZI Jeans. You may be familiar (unfortunately) with jeans that fit in the hips and thighs, but are literally swimming around your waist. These jeans are designed instead with a tapered waist to fit comfortably around the waist, thighs, and butt – without the dreaded gap in the back! These jeans come in a wide range of sizes – from 4 to 18 – and in various lengths to fit any height from petite to tall.

According to recent surveys, the majority of women struggle with finding jeans that fit and flatter. You don’t have to be one of them! Please visit Jeans for Curvy Women for your guide to finding your best-fitting jeans for curvy figures!

designer jeans?

where can i get designer jeans for a little less?
by “a little less” i mean less than $100.
& i reallllly dont want to do online stores because, as you should know, all jeans don’t fit the same just because they’re you size.also if it makes any difference, i like grey straight or slim.
so once again, where can i get designer jeans for a little less?

I used to work at Express and we had a section of our designer denim called DPD (Designer Premium Denim), and there were always some on sale for around 80-85 dollars. They fit great and make everyone look very slim. Girls were always coming in and picking a pair up. You should go try some!

Designer Jeans – Denim 101 Guide

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