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Damaged All

Posted on Sunday, October 17, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Damaged All
Damaged All

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body, and damage to them must be prevented by all means. Survival is threatened when kidneys are badly damaged in a disease, and their function impaired severely. Hence, the infection must be controlled/ eradicated immediately with proper antibiotics,otherwise the kidneys will be damaged as a result of a long-standing/ recurrent infection, called chronic pyelonephritis.

The situation becomes grim when an attack of acute pyelonephritis/cystitis subsides in about 1-2 weeks, even without treatment. This happens in cases especially where there is no obstructive lesion in the urinary tract. Although the patient feels no symptoms, the infection persists and damages the kidneys in a slow gradual manner. This asymptomatic infection of the kidneys (although the patient goes on passing bacteria/pus cells or albumin in urine), is most dangerous, as ultimately the kidneys may fail silently, and the patient begins to feel helpless, unexpectedly. Such is the treacherous nature of infection of the urinary tract.

As a result of chronic infection, the size of the kidneys goes on reducing. It becomes small, scarred and contracted, with hardly any function it can perform; it fails markedly / completely – this is called renal/kidney failure.

A patient of UTI – (Urinary Tract Infection) should never feel that since he has no symptoms, he needs no test or antibiotics. Hence one should realize the value of mass awareness with regard to UTI. It has been aptly said that ‘what the mind does not know, the eyes cannot see, and, therefore, chronic UTI can be arrested/ controlled soon enough, if there’s general awareness in this regard.

Detection of occult / hidden cases of UTI

If a survey is conducted regarding the detection of occult/ hidden cases of UTI, one will find a substantial number of cases that have no symptoms of any kind related to cystitis/ pyelonephritis. Hence, a periodic examination of urine for albumin, as well as a microscopic examination of the urine collected properly for pus cells is the most useful test for the- detection of such cases. A frequent examination of urine is an essential requirement in cases which are more prone to this trouble. All such symptomless cases of UTI must be treated with suitable antibiotics so that infection in the urinary tract is eradicated and the kidneys are saved from damage.

What should be done for UTI?

Under these circumstances, the only way to safeguard against kidney infection/UTI is to strictly follow the preventive guidelines, and one should be aware of the various clinical signs and symptoms of both cystitis as well as pyelonephritis, so that the patient can report to the physician/ specialist concerned at the earliest, for investigations, treatment/eradication of infection from the urinary tract, before the disease subsides on its own, or recurs, causing irreparable damage to the kidneys. Treatment should be taken under a specialist’s guidance, and even the maintenance dose of antibiotics for the urinary tract may be required for a long time/even for years in some cases, so as to keep the kidneys free from infective organisms. Treatment should commence at the earliest possible moment. A case of cystitis should not allow pyelonephritis to develop, and cystitis should be treated energetically, so that the infection does not flare and damage the kidneys.

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