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Daft Punk

Posted on Sunday, December 6, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Daft Punk
Daft Punk

Disney’s Tron, released in 1982 was a landmark film. It set the standard for computer generated films and stretched the limits of what could be presented onscreen. Tron was such a step forward in technology that it is a wonder it was made at all, given the level of technology available at the time.

With the development in computer power and graphics in the nearly 30 years since it’s release, it is no wonder there is a heightened sense of anticipation about the sequel, Tron Legacy, due for release in December 2010.

Tron Legacy returns to the screen in a time where advancements in computers make the kind of special effects used in the original film accessible to teenagers using home computers. To give an idea of the difference in technology, the original Tron film was made using a computer with only 2MB of memory, with a hard disc that had no more than 330MB of storage!

The amount that the original film was able to achieve given this limited (although considered advanced at the time!) processing power was truly inspiring. It is notable also that the original release of the film garnered only $33 million in North American movie tickets, which is a pittance, especially in light of it’s rumored costs of $17 million.

This latest film however has no such concerns. Tron Legacy will return us to the world within the computer where Kevin Flynn has been for the last 20 years. His son, Sam goes to find him and is dropped in the middle of the computer generated world, replete with light cycle and light disc battles.

The film, with the marketing and distributing power of Disney behind it has already created a huge stir on the internet, with clips and trailers receiving huge hits on online video sites and Daft Punk’s soundtrack receiving about as much attention as the film itself.

Tron Legacy is sure to be a huge hit with both fans of the original and new fans that have grown up with the advances in computer generated film technology and will want to revisit one of its original landmarks.

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Is techno a bunch of Daft Punk wannabes?

I really hate techno but I heard Daft Punk and thought wow this is amazing. But I still hate techno and think it sounds as if they are trying to be Daft Punk so what do you think? I’m not very sure about the history of techno so please correct me if I am wrong.

you do know that “techno” is an actual genre, right? not an umbrella term for all electronic music. daft punk’s music is in the “house” vein, not techno. and both genres have been around years before daft punk hit the scene, so no, they are not a bunch of daft punk wannabes

Daft Punk – Around The World

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