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Cut Cross

Posted on Friday, April 8, 2011 in Mens Clothing

Cut Cross
Cut Cross

If you own a company or work in an office without a paper shredder, are you bothered by the thought that someone may steal your identity or important company information by using the trash you disposed of? To correct this dilemma and to make your work easier, you should buy a trusted brand in paper shredding – the Fellowes paper shredder. What makes a Fellowes paper shredder a dependable partner in your office? Here are some of the reasons:

Comes in a wide variety of designs and models

No matter how big or small your office maybe, or how big or small your workload is, a Fellowes paper shredder has a design suited for you. Whether you need a small personal shredder or a commercial grade shredder, there is one to fit your needs.

You can also choose a cross-cut or a strip-cut model depending on the type of shredding security you need. For example, if you want extreme security for the documents to be disposed, you can use the cross-cut device but if you only want to shred ordinary papers you can use the strip-cut device. Each one comes with especially designed features that will satisfy your needs.

Cutting edge features

A Fellowes shredder has the best features in the market. Their personal-sized shredders work quietly and won’t cause any unwanted noise during operation. They are also equipped with a SafeSense technology patent. This technology provides a safe and effective way of using the Fellowes paper shredder.

SafeSense technology has the ability to protect a person using the machine from the accidental cutting of fingers from the sharp blades because it can sense body heat. If hands or fingers get too close to the cutting blades it ceases working automatically, thus making the shredding procedure a pleasing and worry free activity.

The commercial grade Fellowes paper shredder is of high quality and is heavy duty. It can shred more than 20 sheets of paper simultaneously and you can shred continuously because of its continuous heavy-duty motor. They also come with SafeSense technology.

Another cutting edge feature of a Fellowes paper shredder is its ability to cut credit cards and CDs. It is also very dependable and you do not even have to remove paper clips or staple wires from documents.

Fellowes paper shredders have some models that have an auto-oiling feature, allowing for hassle free maintenance. Not only that but Fellowes shredders are jam-proof. You do not have to waste time removing jammed papers.

Provides a high level of security

How about cutting an ordinary legal size paper into 3000 pieces? The Fellowes paper shredder can do that. It simply disposes your sensitive documents in the right and legal way. Level 3 securities are what these shredders can provide and you can be certain of a good night’s sleep because you know everything is safe.

It is definitely practical and sensible to have a Fellowes paper shredder in your office because they can be the best equipment you can own.

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