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Cufflinks Hanky

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Cufflinks Hanky
Cufflinks Hanky

Have you ever had problems coming up with good gift ideas for guys? Well, join the club! Men are not the easiest people to buy gifts for. Here are a few ideas to help you out with finding the perfect gift for a guy.

Ingenious Ideas

First of all, you should decide what kind of gift you want to give him. It could be something personalized – something that is related to his hobby, something unique or something that is just a fun gift.

A personalized gift is always treasured. Almost all gifts for guys can be personalized. Mugs, T-shirts, framed pictures or photo albums make great gifts. You could also get his initials engraved on other gifts that you buy for him.

Men love gifts that are related to their hobby or passion. For example, if he’s into sports in a big way, you could go to his favourite team’s website and get him gifts from there. You could also buy him tickets to the season games. If he’s into cooking, you could get him grilling tools which have his initials engraved on them. If he loves music, you could get him tickets to a concert or CD’s of his favourite music. You get the picture… Find out what he loves and your work is halfway done.

If you want to give the man in your life a fun gift, you have quite a bit to choose from. T-shirts with funny and personal messages, boxers with funny images, adult board games that both of you can play are a few ideas. If he is environmentally conscious, you could plant a tree in his name.

Now, if you’re looking for graduation gifts for guys, here are a few suggestions. College graduates would like gifts that they can use when they start work. A nice watch, a good writing pen, a card case or a leather writing portfolio with his initials engraved are a few ideas. You could also get him a business suit, luggage, accessories for a new apartment or a bottle of good wine. On the more expensive side, you could buy him a car or short holiday to an exotic place.

For a high school graduate, you could get stuff that he could use in his dorm. An answering machine, a microwave, an iron, an alarm clock or a small fridge or a small TV are gifts that he would find useful. Desk supplies, a state-of-the-art laptop, printer, an electronic note taker or a tool box are other gift options. On the lighter side, a gift certificate to a music store or a limited edition of a book he’s interested in, also make for unique gifts.

If you don’t find any of these gift ideas for guys useful, you could always resort to the usual gifts of hankies, underwear, belts, socks and ties.

There are actually more gift ideas for guys [] than you think. Whether it’s normal gifts for guys [] or graduation gifts for guys, there is a wide selection of things you could choose from.

do I get them a present too?

we are getting married on march 6th, I have bought a present for our bridesmaids, groomsmens, and our moms, still debating about what to get our dads either hankies or cufflinks, but here is where I run into an issue, my fiances mom has been remarried and so has his dad, neither one (of the new spouses) helped raise my fiance he was older like 14 or 15 with his dads new wife and like 17 or 18 with his moms new husband, well I am getting ALL the guys boutinerres including his moms husband, I am getting all the ladies a corsage, including his dads wife (which he is not with anymore, but are coming to the wedding together) so I get his dads wife a present/and his moms husband a present?
it is actual customary to buy the wedding party a gift and the parents
it is actual customary to buy the wedding party a gift and the parents

You are not obligated to get the ‘new spouses’ gifts.

You can get them gifts if you want to, but the corsages/boutinerres are already a nice gesture.

I would not worry about this. The day is not about you giving out gifts. It’s about you getting married. It would be petty and inappropriate for anyone to get upset about not getting a gift.

You’ve got more important things to worry about… like getting married! Don’t sweat this one. 🙂

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