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Cuff Links

Posted on Friday, May 28, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Cuff Links
Cuff Links

Can you change a dress shirt to allow it to use cuff links?

I bought a dress shirt (1mx) from express and it comes with two holes and two buttons on each sleeve. Is it possible to take out the button so that I can use cuff links? what are the possibles damages?

cuff links require and extra fold of fabric. you can’t do it yourself if you want it to look right, but a tailor can do it in half and hour.

i guess you could put a hole where the button is and use cuff links but then you won’t have that classic cuff-fold and it might be too tight around your wrist to be comfortable. I wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself.

A tailor can also help you get a much better fit and give you some cuffs. They may need to be in white instead of the same color becuase it takes so much more fabric.

Cuff Links – Tracy (RARE clip)

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