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Cuban Bracelet

Posted on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Cuban Bracelet
Cuban Bracelet

Upon looking at wedding photos in different countries, it made me curious of the many different cultural traditions of each country. I hope you enjoy learning about them as much as I did.

Cuba is known for their many different festivities during a wedding. The most popular one is probably the money dance. This is where all of the men who dance with the bride, pins money on to her dress to help with the expenses of the honeymoon.

The French have a two-handled cup they use to toast to the couple’s marriage. They also signify the joining of two families by raising a glass of wine from two different vineyards. They then pour the wine into a third glass which both the bride and groom drink from.

A tradition that the African-Americans started during slavery is jumping over a decorated broom to symbolize the beginning of a new life. Today, the jumping of a broom is a symbol of sweeping away the old, and welcoming the new. Broom jumping can be performed either at the wedding ceremony, after the minister pronounces the newlyweds husband and wife, or at the wedding reception just after the Bridal party enters the reception area.

In Germany the bride carries salt and bread in her pocket to ensure bounty. The groom carries grain for wealth and good fortune. The flower girl proceeds in front of the bride as they walk down the path leading to the church. On her way she sprinkles flower petals to wish good luck and ward off evil spirits. During the wedding ceremony the groom may kneel on the hem of the bride’s dress to symbolize his control over her. Not to be outdone, the bride may step on the groom’s foot when she rises to symbolize her power over him.

In Thailand, the groom is expected to give dowry money to the bride’s parents. After the ceremony, the bride’s parents usually, (but not always), gives half of the money back to the newlywed couple. The groom is also expected to buy gold jewelry for the bride. Not just one ring set, but rings, bracelet, necklace, and ear rings. They must be nearly pure gold. Before the wedding, the bride must have an older relative to act as chaperon – no matter the age of the bride to be. The groom has to buy a new suit and new shoes. If he buys a new house, he has to buy all new furniture. If renting, he has to buy new linens, a new rice cooker, and new dishes. The day of the wedding, the bride and groom go to the temple early in the morning with gifts of food for the monks. Later that day they go to the Holy House, the temple of the Maitreya Buddhist Sect, of where the bride is a member – then the first ceremony is performed. (There is sometimes up to three ceremonies at different locations). Guests may carry symbolic plants, like sugar cane, for luck, and a small banana tree, for fertility. The mother of the bride makes negotiations for the plants, which the groom will have to pay after the ceremony. Children hold a gold cord at the beginning and end of the walk to the bride, which in order for the groom to pass, he must give a red envelope containing money to the children. At the end of the ceremony, the groom is presented with a sword, which is a symbol to defend his family. Silk cords are tied around the bride and groom’s right wrist, where the bride’s mother blesses their future happiness. The leader passes a long silk cord that is connected to a flower arrangement across the altar placing it between the thumb and forefinger of the praying hands. All the guests come two-by-two to tie silk cords around the bride and groom’s wrists. After, a song is sung and a story about the couple’s courtship is told. A ceramic bottle containing water is given to the couple where they pour it into another ceramic vessel. This is asking for forgiveness of sins in the past life and present.

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will a silver plated braclet tarnish quickly?

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do you think it will tarnish??

It will eventually but you can stop it from happening by making sure you avoid all liquids and clean it with a dry soft cloth regularly. Make sure to keep it in a dry place too.

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