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Comfort Fit

Posted on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Comfort Fit
Comfort Fit

Wedding day is a thought every boy and girl is made to warm up to since a very early age. Today we do not just have to deal with old-fashioned fairy tales when we decide on our wedding, we also have to not pale so much in the wake of celebrity marriages. One cannot book a palace in Udaipur to get a royal and special feel for one’s marriage, but zeroing on a 14 k yellow gold comfort ring wedding band is not a bad start at all.

First thing first, a regular and a comfort fit in a wedding band have the difference. A wedding band, with comfort fit, would be more rounded inside and can slip on and off very easily. It has that comfortable rounded texture attached with it that makes it extremely popular amongst people, who are not used to the idea of wearing rings often. Again, it finds popularity with people looking to take them out in frequent intervals. Men, certainly, are more comfortable with this genre of ring.

You also get an option of a half rounded ring from inside that is a little less comfortable to slip in and a regular fit lies somewhere in between. Wedding band, with comfort fit, cost wise, is costlier than the other two options. However, did someone not tell you that everything is excusable for your wedding? No one has asked to spend you a bomb, but if you are not going to be generous on your wedding day, then you might as well get enrolled for a therapy of money punchers. Of course, you should not leave any stone unturned not just for today but also for your future generations.

A 14k yellow gold is a very light option for a wedding band, so all those worries of ‘heavy stuff on my fingers make me go so mad’ should be out of the window. In a 14k yellow band, you also get the option to thrust diamond hoops or select multi tones for that extra touch. You can also get guidance from jewelry designers to make it look further stunning or you can just go with your embedded instinct.

Online websites present you with the best deals, which they could do for that one special day in your life. Their prices are one of the cheapest and most affordable in the horizon at the moment. Again, you can surf a little more for the content of your heart. However, any price should just pale in comparison of that auspicious day for which you have been waiting all your life. You can just give it all and feel relaxed with the rings, which you will buy at this moment. Who does not want to look million bucks any way? And if a band, which will be with you forever on that finger of yours, then it better be seductive and should exude elegance.

Quick Recap:
5 Tips while selecting 14k Yellow Gold Comfort Fit Wedding rings for women are:
1. Give careful consideration to the Jeweler’s name
2. Fix your budget when buying rings for men
3. Design and style selection
4. Select the size
5. Research well about the price.

Are you a regular or comfort fit ?

Tight fit…..*wink*

Comfort Fit – Bit by Bit (Polyshufflez LP)

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