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Clip Suspenders

Posted on Friday, December 3, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Clip Suspenders
Clip Suspenders

How do you wear fashion/claire’s suspenders?

Everyone at my school is wearing suspenders. {or atleast ii think thats what you call them} But we dont wear them like everyone else, we wear them criss cross on the back of our jeans. I just got some really cute suspenders from Claire’s && I was wondering if anyone knew how to put them on so they criss cross on your jeans and clip to your pocket. Thanks!

…theyre normally crisscrossed already, but if not, then put one on the rightback, and the left front. opposite with the other.
and no, there not ‘in.’
i wear em, though.
not because there popular, which there not. ive never seen someone wear susspenders for fashion. i wear em because there cool to ME. and no, i dont shop at claires.


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