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Classic Polo

Posted on Thursday, October 28, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Classic Polo
Classic Polo

There is an incredibly vast range of items available when it comes to promotional merchandise–pens, mugs, clothing, radios, torches, key chains and more. And within each subset of items, there is even more choice. Once you’ve selected the types of promotional items you want to use, there are several decisions to be made in terms of the styles and colors of the specific items you want. Promotional polo shirts are no exception–there may not be as much variety as compared to items such as the promotional pen, but you are definitely not stuck for choice when it comes to polo shirts.

From two-tone baseball shirts to ladies’ fitted polo shirts, classic polos with or without breast pocket, there is a style to suit you and your company. Most shirts come in a rainbow of colors, and many include two color designs with detailed collars or sleeves that provide added interest. When making this decision, also consider the weight of the fabric the shirts are made from–the heavier weight fabrics are much more durable, and they’re a good choice if you need hard-wearing apparel for sports teams or for work shirts. Lower-weight fabrics, on the other hand, may be better suited for retail staff or as gifts for customers and clients.

With your shirt selected, you then have a virtually unlimited choice when it comes to creating a design. As long as you fit within the print area of the shirt–which is usually quite large–the sky is the limit. Polo shirts tend to have very large print areas, so there is plenty of room for your company name and logo, an advertising slogan or other important information.

Depending on the type of shirt you choose, you can also opt for an embroidered design rather than a printed one. Printed designs are inexpensive (many online suppliers, for example, the price of a single color print is included in the cost of each shirt) and are adequate for most purposes. Embroidered designs can increase your total costs significantly, but if you really want to make a statement with your polo shirts an embroidered design does look stunning and very professional.

Making all of these decisions first requires that you decide what the purpose of the shirts will be–depending on what you will use the shirts for, the styles and colors you need are quite different. Classic monotone shirts are ideal for employees to wear on the shop floor, but if you’re choosing shirts for a staff sports team, you may want to opt for a more durable shirt with a sporty two-tone design. Brightly colored shirts are great as promotional give-aways–the more eye-catching the better–but if you are going to use company colors in your printed shirt design, try to choose shirt colors that will complement your company logo.

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Classic polo vs Vintage?

I am looking at some Lacoste polo’s I would like to get but there is one that says Lacoste Short Sleeve Classic Pique Polo Shirt and costs $79.50 and another that says Lacoste Vintage Pique Polo and costs $92. Whats the difference why is one more expensive, they look the same to me.
I understand that Micaela and thats nice to know. But I’m not really interested in buying it to please women, I want to get one because it’s a very nice looking shirt. Maybe you won’t care about the alligator logo there but you will about the over all appearance 😉

idk. buy the cheaper one. the prices for both are ridiculous though. when i see a guy i don’t look to see if there’s an alligator on his chest. i really don’t care.

Comercial – Polo Classic 2001

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