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Casual Shoes

Posted on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Casual Shoes
Casual Shoes

What are some good casual shoes for men?

I’m looking for some good casual shoes. Any advice?

Here are a some suggestions we are very familiar with (we sell them on one of our websites. We handle only upmarket walking and hiking shoes. We provide the link only so you can see what some of their shoes look like).

We find that the ECCO line is a very good shoe – high quality, great fit and a long life. In fact they are know for their exceptionally comfortable fit. They tend to have a wider toe box (where you don’t want pressure) and a good heel fit (what controls how well the shoe feels and stays on your foot). ECCO shoes are available in both dress casual and casual styles along with walking, performance and formal styles of shoe. Made in Denmark.

Another line we feel is excellent are the KEEN line of shoes – again depending on what degree of ‘casual’ you are interested in. These are definitely casual!

Should you be interested in a very high quality shoe you might want to look at Mephisto shoes. Note these are anything but bargain shoes – usually in the several hundred dollar range. I wear these and must say that after 6 years of almost constant wear, there is NO sign of sole wear, stretch, tanning deterioration, loosening stitches. They still look like they just came out of the box. These fall into the ‘dress casual’ category.

One thing we might suggest related to how casual a shoe you want though is to ‘do your homework’ when it comes to fit and your comfort.

Getting the best fit does a number of things. First you enjoy walking more. Second the shoe will last a lot longer and give you greater value for your money. Third you will be in the small 10-15% of people that actually have proper fitting shoes! It shocked us to learn that over 80% or people in North America today wear shoes that do NOT fit properly. Great for the sellers of shoes. Not so great for your feet or your pocket book!

Our main website is all about helping people get fit again through walking. Part of that though is a very extensive reference area on Choosing The Best Walking Shoes For You. why not have a look.

You can ask us further questions through our site if you would like more links to suppliers of great casual shoes

All the best

The Perfect Pair of Casual Shoes….Driving Moccasins (Male Style Help and Advice

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