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Casual Pants

Posted on Friday, December 10, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Casual Pants
Casual Pants

Is there a such thing as casual dress pants?

I’m looking for something I can wear out ( i.e. bar or club) but also wear to a job interview without looking unprofessional. Not jeans but not dress pants. Suggestions.

Dockers are casual dress pants. A better brand is Izod though, they are a lot more comfortable, and about the same price.

Honestly though, I run 4 nightclubs (NYC, San Diego, LA, and Miami), and I see more women respond to suits worn with a casual shirt, than dress pants, nice dress pants over dockers, and Dockers over jeans. The only exception is if the person in jeans was really charismatic, or a celebrity, then the women would be drawn to him, but all things being equal, the dress pants are the best choice.

Good luck!

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