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Carbon Fiber

Posted on Sunday, August 8, 2010 in Mens Clothing

Carbon Fiber
Carbon Fiber

Since carbon fiber tubes recently receive popularity and acceptance as the best material to use compared to steels and aluminum, it is deemed appropriate then to impart some simple ways on how to effectively use this product with the intention of utilizing these to its fullest. One of the many complicated areas in which carbon fiber tubes should be dealt with responsibly is how it can be bonded. This is somehow very intricate that is why most people prefer to have it done by professionals. But you may be surprised to learn that bonding this material is not at all considered as probably the most hair loss-inducing moment of your life. In fact, there are easy steps to follow to accurately bond carbon fiber tubes.

Before you hit your work station, it is important to consider the tools needed, especially the adhesive. Make sure that it does not compromise or affect in anyway the temperature range of the application; chemical or even weather exposure. A room temperature curing maybe deemed safe to use.

First step is to determine the exact measurements of the carbon fiber tubes to be trimmed and bonded. After the tubes were cut into the desired lengths and sizes, the insides of the tubes should be prepped first. This will allow the tubes not to stick to the mandrel while on the process of bonding. One way to do this is by sanding the inner part of the tube until the surface becomes smooth. Take note that applying too much pressure while sanding may inflict some scratches to the carbon fibers that may result into weakening of the entire tube. Try abrading with one stroke only. Once you produce black sanding dusts, then you are ready to clean the surface of the carbon fiber tubes.

Your tubes should now be ready for the so-called water break test. This will ensure if there are no release chemical remains from the insides. If there are beading resulted from the test, then the tubes are still not free from the chemicals, hence, should repeat the procedure until the inner side is already chemical contamination-free. All parts of the tubes should be completely dry before taking the next step which in the degreasing part. Here, you need a significant amount of acetone applied in a cotton or paper towel. Degrease all parts of the tubes until all black dust cease to exist.

Once every tube is clean, it is time to prepare the hardener and resin. Mixing these substances are not as complicated as it looks like. Once you produce your desired mix, then the last step is waiting for you – the actual bonding! With the use of a short resin brush, apply a very thin layer of resin into the inner part of the tubes. Make sure to go back to the same areas to make sure that everything is covered. Do the same with the outer diameter of the carbon fiber tubes. Once done, slowly push the tube cap into the main part of the other tube until you reach your desired point. Slightly twist both tubes as you push them closer together. Wipe off excess resin with paper towel. Clean the remaining surface as well until the bonded tubes are clean and free from any resins.

By following these simple steps and with a little perseverance and patience, voila! You have yourself bonded carbon fiber tubes ready to use.

Wes Collins is a writer who spent years in trying to establish the various uses of carbon fiber and how people will eventually adapt the advantages of this material to our own benefit.

What is the weight difference between carbon fiber and steel?

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