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Callaway Golf

Posted on Saturday, June 13, 2009 in Mens Clothing

Callaway Golf
Callaway Golf

The Callaway Golf Company is one of golf”s best known brand names. Renowned for their groundbreaking technology, Callaway manufactures the full spectrum of golf clubs, from drivers to putters. The company also makes premium golf balls and has it’s name on clothing, footwear and accessories. Callaway Golf are also the owners of the brand names of Ben Hogan and Top Flite and also manufacture putters in the Odyssey range.

The company came to the fore in golf by making clubs for amateur golfers that were easy and forgiving to play. Fame followed after it had success among the professional ranks, and many top class players now endorse the brand, Phil Mickelson and Rocco Mediate being two of the modern day players who have had success playing the Callaway range.

Callaway is probably best known for it’s Big Bertha range of drivers, the golf industry’s first stainless steel and wide bodied wood, which launched the company to iconic status with amateur and pro golfers alike. This driver alone would put Callaway Golf at the forefront of all golfers minds as they saw “Bertha” to be the club that would help them to long and straight drives.

Former Burlington Industries Textile president, Ely Callaway, formed the company in 1982. Mr Callaway, a very successful businessman, was enjoying a brief spell of retirement after selling his winery when he decided to add golf club maker to his resume. Never one who liked to be idle, he was playing a lot of golf while looking for a fresh challenge when he came across a wooden pitching wedge in a golf shop in Palm Springs. Although this shaft was different, the club reminded him of the old hickory clubs he had played with as a child. This shaft had been hollowed out and filled with a steel core for consistency and strength. So intrigued was Ely Callaway with this club, he decided to buy a half share of Hickory Stick USA and re-branded it as Callaway Hickory Stick USA.

Well known for thinking big, Ely Callaway was true to form when forming and growing his golf company. The company are still at the forefront of the development and manufacture of advanced golf clubs and equipment, including it’s range of two and three piece golf balls. Callaway’s Fusion FT-3 driver had adjustable internal weighting options, which allowed the ordinary golfer to set the club to their personal specifications to help enhance a draw or a fade.

Phil Mickelson continues to play and endorse the Callaway brand, having won USGA Tour and Major championships with these clubs. Annika Sorenstam has also used and endorsed Callaway Golf equipment for the whole of her professional career. During that time she became the only woman golfer to shoot 59 in a competition, and used the FT-3 driver in 2006 to claim her 10th Major championship win.

From humble beginnings, Callaway Golf has reached the top in the industry. Today, their FT and Diablo range of drivers, along with the Diablo and the game improvement X-series irons continue to lead the field. And it looks like Callaway will be at the top of the tree for a while to come.

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Where can I find a Callaway golf promo club?

When Callaway introduced the original Big Bertha driver, I remember my course having a giant (6ft or so) promotional club. Does anyone know where I could find one and what it is called?

Have you contacted Calloway?

Inside the Callaway Golf Tour Van

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